Playstation Store Digital Refund Policy Now Allows Refunds Within 14 Days, But Only If You Haven’t Downloaded The Content

Sony has changed its refund policy when it comes to products and content purchased via its PlayStation Store.

Sony has changed its refund policy when it comes to products and content purchased via its PlayStation Store.

In almost all walks of life, when you buy something physically, you have the option to return it. Most stores operate a 28-day return policy, wherein you can bring a product back for a refund even if there's nothing wrong with it. You simply need to keep the receipt and not use that product. That second point should be a given, but having worked in a store before, you would be surprised how often it is overlooked.

When it comes to buying things online it is often not as simple. When there is no store to return a product to, and difficult to prove whether you have used the product or not, it makes the whole premise a lot more complicated. However, Sony has introduced a new refund policy which should make returning items and games bought online a whole lot smoother. You can check out the policy in full here.

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Players who buy products on the PS Store now have a 14-day window during which they can return those products if they change their mind. There are naturally some caveats, though. The biggest one is that much like returning a physical product to a store, whatever you've purchased cannot have been used. If it has been downloaded or streamed, you will not be able to return it unless it's faulty.

Not only does Sony's new policy apply to full games, but it is also applicable to add-ons, downloadable content, and even subscriptions. When it comes to that last one, things are slightly more complicated. Depending on when the subscription is canceled, Sony will deduct a certain amount from your refund, depending on how much the service was used.

With these new rules and regulations, there is really only one thing you can now purchase from the PS Store that cannot be refunded. An eventual PSN name change. You had better be certain you want to make that move, as Sony will not be giving you your money back if you change your mind. Anything else is fair game. Also, as you'd expect, if the product is faulty, you can still contact PlayStation support for a refund even after having used it.

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