Soulja Boy's Back With New Website, New Console, And Probably New Lawsuit Very Soon

Soulja Boy came back with another, cheaper console, but still found his website taken down quickly probably due to a lawsuit.

It seems nothing can stop American rapper DeAndre ’Soulja Boy’ Cortez Way from living out his gaming console retailer dreams, except those pesky licensing laws.

Fresh from his last attempt, a venture that lasted just a few short weeks, he’s back. The wannabe retailer's got a new website, a new console, and it seems he’s already got himself a new lawsuit.

Soulja’s new console is much smaller and cheaper than the last one. It’s being sold on his brand new website, Soulja Electronics, for just $27.99, a huge decrease from the previous consoles $200 price tag. Or at least it was being sold.

Less than a week later the new console is no longer listed.

Lifelong gamer Soulja Boy’s console journey originally started back in early December 2018 when he launched two consoles on his website, Souljawatch.com. Named the SouljaGame Console and the SouljaGame Handheld, they had a few issues, to say the least.

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The consoles themselves were rebranded cheaply made emulator hardware, often found on Chinese website AliExpress, marked up by a considerable amount. They also bore more than a passing resemblance to several existing consoles.

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As if that wasn’t dodgy enough, they also featured a large amount of pre-installed games, so many that there was no way they were all licensed correctly.

Despite boasting of high sales, Soulja’s dream was shattered quickly when Nintendo (and likely also Sony) came knocking at his door.

Soulja Boy’s original website was taken down pretty swiftly after the consoles release, leading to widespread speculation that he was about to be sued.

It’s almost certain that Nintendo were on his case, due to their history of going after emulation sites, and Soulja himself seemed to confirm this.

In a, since deleted, Tweet replying to speculation about Nintendo suing him Soulja said, “Nothings going to happen everything is legit. My console isn’t going anywhere trust me.” Just a day later the website was gone and this tweet was posted.

Since then Soulja has claimed that it was in fact a hack which took down his old website, rather than the threat of legal action.

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This time around Soulja has been uncharacteristically quiet about the removal of his latest games console. However the rest of Soulja’s new website is still currently available for all your rebranded, knock-off needs, for the moment at least.

Just be aware that, not entirely surprisingly, reports are already circulating that the whole thing is just a giant scam.

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