Soulja Boy Says His Console Storefront, SouljaWatch, Has Been Hacked, Blames His Ex-Cameraman

Soulja Boy claims that his ex-cameraman hacked his SouljaWatch website and shut it down, but the product's sordid history casts doubt.

Oh how the turn tables. Soulja Boy, after being so confident that he could release a console that emulates Nintendo games without consequence, now finds himself the victim of internet sabotage. His website has reportedly been hacked, and the culprit appears to be a former employee.

The website in question is the hub for his suspiciously $11.66 SouljaWatch device, souljawatch.com. If you visit the website, at least at the time of this writing, you'll find nothing but an error page claiming the site is unavailable. According to Soulja Boy, the error is no accident. He took to Twitter to accuse his ex-cameraman of hacking and disabling it.

Complex reports that Shopify, the host of the SouljaWatch site, was quick to respond. A representative offered to DM Soulja Boy and resolve the problem. Yet the site is still down at the moment.

Meanwhile, and despite Soulja Boy's calls for help, the people of Twitter were largely unsympathetic. Most commenters laughed at his plight, were suspicious of the "ex-cameraman" accusation, or concluded that Soulja was receiving just desserts for trying to pass off cheap Apple Watch clones as legit.

This story comes right on the heels of Soulja Boy's attempted released of the Soulja Console. The device was essentially a cheaply made Chinese emulator machine, the kind used to illegally download ROMs of Nintendo, Sony, and various other established games. Games that Soulja likely didn't obtain licensing rights for. While that was never confirmed, and he even claimed to sell millions of Soulja Consoles, he shut the operation down very quickly once Nintendo took legal action.

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Similarly, the SouljaWatch has been facing a rocky launch. Customers have reported never getting their orders, and attempts to email customer service (at the totally legit address souljaboymp3@gmail.com) have gone ignored.

In the end, and you might want to sit down for this shocker, it appears that the SouljaWatch might just be a scam. The hack could be a real hack, or it could be an excuse to never provide SouljaWatches to those who ordered them. Hopefully consumers learned their lesson before the inevitable launch of the SouljaPhone.

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