South Park: The Fractured But Whole Announces New DLC At End Of This Month

Ubisoft's South Park: The Fractured But Whole will get new DLC, titled Bring The Crunch, on July 31st.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole release way back last October. In gaming years, that’s super old news. It first received a DLC pack on March 20 this year, and things have been all quiet on the South Park front since then. Suddenly, though, the team have confirmed that a second pack is on the way, and it’s really hustling.

The Fractured But Whole was a hugely important release for Ubisoft. For video games in general, come to think of it. Its much-delayed predecessor, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, did a lot to help with the stigma around licensed games, delivering a super solid and hilarious RPG that did the series proud. We weren’t throwing pee-soaked snowballs at turkeys in bad South Park FPS titles any more, friends.

The Fractured But Whole picked straight up from the previous game, with a narrative that begins one day after the events of Stick of Truth. Our hero, New Kid, gets embroiled in a superhero cosplay battle, and… well, you know where this is going. Snarky takes on all kinds of RPG traditions, with a heaping helping of the series’ trademark toilet humour.

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Most importantly, the game was just as well received, and fans were eager to get some more of it. It launched with premium item packs like the Relics of Zaron pack, and the Danger Deck DLC hit in December, but it wasn’t until this March’s From Dusk till Casa Bonita was released that true story add-on content arrived. It centered around teaming up with Mysterion to rescue his sister from the Vamp Kids and added other new elements like the Netherborn class.

Now, four months later, the team have confirmed that the next DLC, Bring The Crunch, will be released for all platforms on July 31. As was the case with From Dusk till Casa Bonita, it’ll bring a whole new story campaign (revolving around missing camp counsellors and a general slasher movie motif) and a new class in the form of the Final Girl. True to form, this class will revolve around using cunning traps and tricks to defeat enemies.

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Bring The Crunch will hit PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on July 31, for an RRP of $11.99.

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