Airline Gives Away Free Nintendo Switches To Comic-Con Passengers

Passengers on Wednesday's Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to San Diego received a Nintendo Switch for free.

Generally speaking, flying can be costly, uncomfortable, and exhausting, but passengers on Wednesday's Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas to San Diego received a surprise that probably took all of those burdens away. En route to Comic-Con 2019, passengers reached under their seats to find slips of paper telling them that they've all won their very own "perfect travel companion," a Nintendo Switch, along with a free copy of the recently released Super Mario Maker 2.

Passengers on the flight erupted on twitter, posting photos and videos of their brand new handheld consoles, as well as voicing their appreciation towards Southwest and Nintendo for doing something so generous and exciting. One of the passengers even tweeted that the copies of Super Mario Maker 2, a game that allows players to create their own Mario levels, had come pre-loaded with a level created by the airline themselves, challenging those on board the plane to beat it.

Nintendo hopes to have a big showcase at San Diego Comic-Con, where they'll be reportedly allowing attendees to experience the first hands-on gameplay for anticipated unreleased games, such as Luigi's Mansion 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Following up last month's E3, a convention who many argue Nintendo won in terms of presentation, the company is poised to put on a huge show this weekend as well, and this awesome gift to Southwest passengers might just be the beginning of that show. 

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San Diego Comic-Con has a ton of other exciting presentations lined up, including Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige's plans for the MCU's Phase 4, a premiere of the first episode of The CW Network's new superhero show, Batwoman, a possible trailer for Netflix's highly anticipated show, The Witcher, an update on Rick and Morty season 4, and much, much more.

The convention will be attended by thousands of comic book fans, gamers, movie lovers, cosplayers, and all other walks of life, although none are likely to have had as much excitement upon their arrival into San Diego as those passengers that received free Switches. As stated on those slips of paper found under their seats, the Nintendo Switch truly is the perfect travel companion for gamers, a fact that these Southwest Airlines passengers are unlikely to forget any time soon.

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