Sparklite: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting

Sparklite is yet another roguelike vying for one’s time on Switch although the gameplay is a bit different from most.

Sparklite is yet another roguelike vying for one’s time on Switch although the gameplay is a bit different from most. As is standard with our articles that explain everything, we’re going to provide new players with some tips to help make the first few hours go by quicker. On top of that, it's also important to note what this game is.

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This is actually more like a randomized Zelda title. It is top-down, features gadgets that unlock new paths in the overworld, and has action combat. The big currency to beef up young Ada is the titular sparklite, which never disappears after death. With the basic stuff out of the way let’s get to more prominent advice.

10 Build The Workshop First

Sparklite can be used to buy a plethora of things, but what players are going to invest the most time in are upgrading and/or building shops. The first shop that should be created is the Workshop. This will allow players to build sub-weapons based off of blueprints they find in Vaults.

Vaults are basically small tutorial dungeons for these pieces of equipment. The first one, for example, is a bow gun. These extra weapons range from battle gear like that to things that can help with traversal.

9 Do The Mario

One of these other pieces of gear is a shrink ray. In the first area there are a bunch of items out of reach next to what look like pipes. Don’t bother trying to get inside. One cannot get this device until the second area after they defeat the first Titan.

Knowing that should help alleviate some stress from trying to figure out a puzzle that has no solution. There are many areas in the first section like this so when in doubt just wait for some new gear.

8 Save The Brother And Sister

One of the first quests one should do on the ground is look for the twins. There is a lost brother and sister that when found, will give Ada a coin to then give to the other sibling. The catch is this coin breaks after being hit.

So without fighting anything, find a sibling then dash around the map in order to find the other. Doing so in each area will reward players with a fully detailed map, which is very handy.

7 Medical Bay Bonuses

The next big investment one should consider is the Medical facility. Doing so will increase how many Patches one can take on. Patches are basically upgrades for Ada ranging from health to boosts in attack power.

Even that map from the twins takes up space. Notching every piece neatly in Ada’s grid is a puzzle onto itself so it helps to get more space. Unfortunately, just to make players aware, there are a finite number of times the Patch board and the other facilities can be upgraded.

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6 Blow Up Rocks

Whether one has a sub-weapon with an explosive property or has access to a disposal item, these should be reserved not for fighting, but for rocks. Besides granting players extra sparklite, there are sometimes hidden passages beneath the giant ones.

There is no way of knowing if a rock is hiding anything so it’s best to just blow everything up if at all possible. To bring up Zelda again, it’s like telling players to blow up every wall. One never knows when there will be a secret.

5 The World Changes, But Stays The Same

We mentioned that this game is randomized in the intro, but didn’t delve too far as to what actually changes. Basically the world is made up of tiles. Once dead, these tiles will rearrange themselves, but each one will always be the same more or less.

The most important thing to note is that there are secrets in each area that can only be obtained once. For example, once a Vault is found and conquered that is it. There is one Vault per area. Even if a treasure chest is warped somewhere new, it will remain open. Got it?

4 Furnace Dungeons

The above example only applies to main upgrades, but there are plenty of other types of chests and items that get replenished every time. For example, each area, most of the time, has a mini-dungeon in it called a Furnace. These are ruled by Gremlins and they act like battle arenas, kind of.

Getting to the bottom will net players with a new Patch. After doing it so many times eventually, the prize will just turn to extra sparklite. So even though there will always be a treasure, what is inside may alter.

3 Songbirds

There is a woman in the hub airship that tasks one with finding her feathery friends. They are scattered randomly throughout the land each with a different melody following an assortment of colors like red and blue.

They can be under rocks, underground, in grass, and the list goes on. Finding them is time-consuming but the more one finds, the more prizes she will reward players with. Some of which are really worth the effort.

2 Cannot Replay Bosses

Another recent roguelike, Children of Morta, allowed players to retread dungeons and they could fight bosses as many times as they wanted. Sparklite is not like that.

Once the boss of an area is defeated, that is it. So if one wants to record their journey, they'll have to do it the first time. This is a random tip but could be helpful for streamers, or video producers.

1 “Co-Op”

We put co-op in quotation marks above because having the mode in Sparklite is a bit misleading. First of all, one cannot begin to play until they conquer the first area thus rescuing Ada’s mechanical friend.

That thing then becomes the second player. All it can do at first is dig in certain spots. Patches can allow him to actually gather materials and later permanent upgrades allow it to light torches, but yeah, co-op is not very useful for most of the game. For a better co-op roguelike, we recommend the aforementioned Children of Morta.

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