Speaking Simulator - A Hilarious Game For Humans - Is In Open Beta

The indie mouth-moving game Speaking Simulator, a Jack Black-approved affair, is holding an open beta. All the average human has to do is sign up on the game's totally official sign-up site, and they too can learn to move their mouths like real human beings.

I actually covered Speaking Simulator back during E3. I even sat in the same chair as Jack Black did when he demoed it. Which I know means nothing, but I still totally brag about it to my friends. But yes, the game. Speaking Simulator puts in the role of a robot who aims to infiltrate humanity and destroy it from within. To do that, you have to have normal human interactions with normal humans. That involves taking direct control over the jaw and tongue, recreating authentic movements to form words (one of the creators was a speech therapist for a time). That may sound easy since we do it everyday, but I found myself applying too much force and knocking my teeth out, creating hilarious chaos as robot parts leaked out of my human-looking face.

via: Affable Games

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It's the kind of game that makes for great Let's Plays, though it's also just fun to experience for its weird mix of accurate speech creation and satire. The robot should be discovered by humans, but people are just too into themselves to catch on, like a sillier Invader Zim. If that sounds like your cup of leaf-based human beverage, then you can sign up for the open beta and try the game's first level yourself. You get to go on a date with Karen from human resources and fool her with your perfect recreation of human mating rituals.

The open beta will run from August 19th to September 2nd. It, and the eventual full release, will be available on PC/Mac via Steam. You can also sign up for the game's Discord channel to give your beta feedback directly to the creators. After the whole Apex Legends fiasco, this sounds like completely reasonable behavior from real human game developers.

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