Spec Ops Developers' New Game Is A Battle Royale Focused On Objectives Instead Of Survival

Spec Ops developer Yager is making a battle royale with a twist: players will work on objectives instead of gunning each other down.

Yager, the studio known for Spec Ops: The Line, is stepping into the battle royale ring with a game called The Cycle. However, Yager is smartly avoiding direct competition with juggernauts like Fortnite by pursuing its own take on large-scale multiplayer shooters. Instead of having everyone shoot each other, The Cycle will have players competing to complete as many objectives as possible in a timed match.

The game's official website expands more on the game's setting, which seems to be sci-fi with attitude. To sum it up, the planet of Fortuna III is rich in all kinds of alien material but is also constantly besieged by ferocious storms. This "cycle" of storms breaks for periods of approximately 20 minutes. That's when players descend upon the planet to hastily gather the valuable materials.

Due to this premise, matches in The Cycle will take on a different form than those of traditional battle royales. In fact, Yager doesn't even call the game a battle royale. The studio coined the term "Competitive Quester" to describe the game's genre. Players can fight one another if they happen to both be vying for the same objective, but it's just as viable to work together. In that way, The Cycle seems to combine the chaos of Fortnite with the open-world questing of Destiny.

via: thecycle.game

Once a match ends, players go back to base and cash in their completed quests for gear. This is how the game will handle customization for both weapons and appearances. Gear bought after a match will be carried into the next one, giving even more incentive to complete as many quests as possible.

via: thecycle.game

It all adds up to something that looks very promising for gamers who want in on the genre that's dominating gaming but aren't hyper-competitive. Even if you're not an all-star streamer with 10,000 solo wins under your belt, you can still earn some sweet gear just by completing quests. At least that's the promise of The Cycle.

When it comes to execution, it's far too early to tell. The trailer doesn't show any gameplay. The game doesn't even have a release date, just a tentative Early Access build promised for "late 2018." Those interested can sign up for the alpha by following this link.

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