Spider-Man PS4: Ranking The 10 Comic Suits That Need To Be In The Sequel

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man brought Marvel's hero to the PS4, with many costumes to find and unlock. The sequel needs to include these Spidey outfits.

Marvel's Spider-Man released for the PlayStation 4 in 2018 and did a great job of including several cool and iconic Spider-Man suits that allowed players to customize their experience. The game saw both great sales and critical success, so it is safe to assume that Insomniac Games is already hard at work on the sequel.

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With that in mind, fans are left wondering what other comic book Spider-Man suits can be introduced in the follow-up. Let's look at the 10 Marvel comic book suits that need to be in the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man.

10 Spider-Gwen

Now, understandably this would result in a completely acceptable gender-bend cosplay, but if it's Peter Parker wearing the Spider-Gwen suit doesn't that defeat the purpose? A solution to this problem could be that the suit could only be accessed during free roam sections of the campaign.

If they do want it to be authentic, it would require recording specific female-voiced lines, which doesn't seem like an appropriate use of time and resources.

9 Spider-Phoenix

Many people believe that the Spider-Phoenix suit is an original video game creation that first appeared in Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, but a version of the suit was first revealed in 1992's Spider-Man Vol. 1 #25. Though the suit isn't much different than the baseline one, it does showcase the Phoenix Force overtaking Peter Parker.

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The new design of the suit swaps out the spider on the chest for a modern and sleek phoenix design. It's a cool design that will turn heads if including in the sequel.

8 Captain Universe

Spider-Man is a pretty powerful hero in his own right and his feats of strength often came as a surprise to him and everyone in attendance. Imagine the friendly neighborhood web-slinger being given the powers of the being who's meant to protect Eternity.

The power possesses those in need, in this case, it was necessary to defeat the Tri-Sentinel. Initially, the power was subtle and led Peter to believe his powers were exponentially growing. Upon full activation, Peter Parker was able to take on Magneto, Hulk, and most importantly the Tri-Sentinel.

7 Spider-Carnage

Ben Reilly tends to not get much love from Spider-Man fans as he was born from the pretty divisive Clone Saga. Thankfully Insomniac Games has been respectful of the character and managed to include some suits that were synonymous with the Scarlet Spider.

Spider-Carnage was a result of the Carnage symbiote attaching itself to Peter Parker and Ben Reilly respectively. For Ben Reilly, the encounter was almost fatal due to the high amounts of microwave radiation he had to endure to separate the symbiote from himself.

6 Dusk

The Dusk persona has been co-opted by many different individuals but has been most notably worn by Spider-Man in a couple of events. The first time Spider-Man wore the all-black outfit was when he landed in the Negative Zone and wore the suit to help a group of rebels defeat an oppressive faction.

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Upon leaving the Negative Zone, Peter continued to wear the suit for a while before returning to his standard colors. He last used it during the Identity Crisis event in which Peter Parker had to use other disguises to continue fighting crime and being a hero.

5 War Of The Realms Suit

During a recent comic book event in which the evil elf Malekith invaded Earth in an attempt to gain control of every realm, Spider-Man sported an altered set of accessories.

Along his journey to help the heroes of Earth takedown Malekith, Spider-Man gains possession of a helmet, sword, and shield. Looking like a true Asgardian, Spidey even rides a pegasus, although he later has to watch die in battle. It could be really neat to see such a recent new look for the web crawler make an appearance in the new game.

4 House Of M

During the events of House of M, there's a pocket universe in which Peter Parker is Spider-Man but also an entertainer. In this universe, his secret identity is known and his long-time villain Rhino happens to be his private security guard.

Also, his uncle Ben Parker and longtime lover Gwen Stacy are both alive and healthy. The suit he wears features a larger red spider that's more integrated into the natural red and black-lined spider-web design.

3 Superior Spider-Man

Imagine if Otto Octavius stepped away from his villainous tendencies and decided to do his part as an intelligent superhero. More or less, that is the premise of the Superior Spider-Man comics, with Otto suiting up and taking the mantle of the Superior Spider-Man.

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Otto's suit is a mixture of red and black, but the use of the spider symbol and how it flows into the rest of the suit gives it a sleek and modern feel. Since the design is the absolute definition of subtle, it could be a suit many people use the sequel's campaign.

2 Miles Morales Suit

Miles Morales is well on his way to becoming his version of Spider-Man after being bit by a radioactive spider thanks in large part to Mary Jane Watson. After snooping around Norman Osborn's house, she finds a hidden science lab that contained spiders that were being tested on.

One of these spiders escapes and hides on MJ before seizing an opportunity to bite Miles at the F.E.A.S.T. center. If Miles takes another step towards becoming a hero, there's a good chance we'll see his iconic black and red suit at some point.

1 The Symbiote Suit

If the end of the first game suggests what everyone thinks it does, then the symbiote suit will be playing a huge role in the sequel. For those unfamiliar, the symbiote suit is the black outfit that Peter Parker sports when the Venom symbiote attaches itself to him.

Not only does it provide Peter with additional power, but it also begins to alter his personality and severely affect his mood and relationships. It's unclear if Peter will sport the outfit near the beginning of the game, but it's almost 100% unlikely that the suit won't be part of the sequel in some capacity.

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