Spider-Man PS4: 10 Things You Might Have Missed About Doc Ock

Doc Ock as he is portrayed in Spider-Man PS4 is a three-dimensional villain with a truly sad backstory. Here's what you might have missed about him!

Insomniac Games, upon the announcement of Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, tried to hide the game's plot as much as they could. Unfortunately, the voice actor for Rhino in the game accidentally revealed that Otto Octavius would be in the game in some capacity.

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Once the game released players realized that the story would show the smart scientist's descent into madness right in front of Peter Parker's eyes. Now that he's locked away for the foreseeable future let's take a glance at 10 things you might have missed about Doc Ock in Marvel's Spider-Man.

10 Where He's From

Would it shock you to learn that Otto Octavius was born and raised in New York? Most of Spider-Man's villains come from personal relationships he's made in his life as Peter Parker, and thus since he's a born and breed New Yorker, they also tend to hail from the same state.

More particularly Otto was born in Schenectady, New York way back in 1955. Otto ended up meeting Norman Osborn in college and the both of them started their career as scientists alongside one another in the company they created called Oscorp.

9 A Stout Man

Whenever there's a Spider-Man story involving Otto Octavius there's no way to predict what design he'll have in terms of stature. Normally he's never a very tall man, but his weight is often a point of contention.

He's been featured as both an averaged sized man as well as a fellow with a heavier set. In Marvel's Spider-Man Insomniac Games decided to toe the line and went with a stout man. He's not obese by any means, but for a man in his early 60s, he simply packed on a few pounds from not being as physically active daily.

8 Costume Foreshadowing

Early in the game when Otto is still Peter's caring and charming boss, he can be seen wearing a green turtleneck sweater under a traditional white lab coat. This sets up the type of green that's most often associated with Doc Ock and serves as the point of inspiration for his villainous getup later in the game.

Green is likely his favorite color so it makes sense it would be his color of choice when it came to an everyday sweater or crime committing outfit. Insomniac Games did a great job of using overt foreshadowing.

7 Help With A Catch

Later in the game, after Otto has fully become Doc Ock, Spider-Man finds his base of operations and comes to learn why the other villains are helping Otto. Though Otto is now driven mad by revenge he still wants to help those who are seeking it, but this time he wants something in return.

From Vulture to Rhino, all of the escaped villains wish for a better life and Otto's scientific mind can help bring it to fruition. The only catch is that they needed to help him take down his ex-friend and business partner, Norman Osborn.

6 Humble & Understanding

The game begins with Peter Parker working alongside Otto in a makeshift science lab owned and operated by Otto called Octavius Industries. From the beginning, those familiar with the comics or Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 understand what Otto will become before the end of the game.

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The real emotional gut-punch is that players get to experience the type of man Otto is before his descent into madness. He's a humble and understanding man who's often too kind to Peter and is only looking out for Peter's best interests.

5 His Voice

Marvel's Spider-Man featured brilliant performances by several actors, and it showed when the game was nominated for countless awards in 2018. The man behind Otto Octavius was William Salyers.

Salyers provided the life and personality of one of Spider-Man's most iconic villains, Otto Octavius, in both Marvel's Spider-Man and 2019's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. For those who are fans of the sci-fi gaming franchise Mass Effect, Salyers played the role of another brilliant scientist as Mordin Solus.

4 He Truly Cares For Peter

The reason why people love Spider-Man and his rogues' gallery of villains is that many are people he has relationships with as Peter Parker. This often means that his superhero self has to confront the darker sides of the people he builds relationships with as his normal self.

Otto, even up until the very end of the game, express that he cares about Peter. It turns from genuine care into one of self-interest, but he also had a soft spot for the genius scientist who always happened to be late.

3 The Leak

When Marvel's Spider-Man was first announced fans across the globe began to speculate about the story of the game and what villains Insomniac Games would be focusing on for their first Spider-Man game.

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Since it was also unclear how long Peter Parker had been Spider-Man upon the game's beginning, the possibilities were almost endless. Unfortunately for Insomniac Games the voice actor for Rhino accidentally revealed that Doc Ock was in the came in some capacity. Thankfully it wasn't until close to release that his real involvement was revealed.

2 Brains With The Brawn

Many of Spider-Man's villains are brutes who get by on pure strength or combat ability. Even the ones who are strategic masters in terms of planning or attacking are often not scientifically or mathematically intelligent.

Otto Octavius, or as he later becomes Doc Ock doesn't only possess great strength and maneuverability with his arms but also has a brilliant mind to go along with it. Thankfully for Spider-Man the mind of Otto is no longer working at 100% so the web-slinger can oftentimes take advantage of the small mistakes of a madman.

1 Descent Into Madness

The thing that makes Otto Octavius' descent into madness so frustrating and sad is that he wasn't always a bitter and angry man. The writers go out of their way early on to show the type of man Otto is when fully healthy.

He's a kind and understanding boss with a brilliant mind for science. Does he have regrets in his life? Well, it'd be hard to find someone without a single regret, but he is naturally nowhere near the state of blind revenge or ego he is once he fully becomes Doc Ock.

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