Spider-Man Teams With Kingpin In New PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 trailer showed off impressive web-slinging and combat, along with exciting quick-time events and story reveals.

The latest trailer for the new Marvel’s Spider-Man game reveals that everyone’s favorite arachnid-based hero will be teaming up with an old foe to battle a brand new one.

Shown at the Sony PlayStation Media Showcase at E3, the eight-minute long trailer gave us tons of info about the story as well as gameplay.

To start, Spider-Man has a brand new suit that hasn’t been seen in previous games or movies. It’s still clearly Spider-Man, but it’s nice to see a sure sign that Insomniac Games is looking to distance themselves from 2012’s poorly received The Amazing Spider-Man.

The trailer begins with Spider-Man slinging his way through an iconic New York cityscape before arriving at Fisk Tower still under construction. Speaking in his ear is Captain Yuri Watanabe, a character from the latest iteration of Spider-Man comics. Spidey immediately leaps into what seems like a stealth section of the game, which involves our hero leaping from iron beams far above the fray and using web-based techniques to incapacitate the bad guys (or at one point just plain ‘ol drop-kicking a dude).

via Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

Next up comes the real combat section, where Spider-Man is surrounded by a bunch of goons and has to defend himself. He manages this with the usual insane acrobatics and web-slinging that Spidey is known for, but also with a bullet-time mechanic that slows down combat and allows the player to make decisions on the fly. The trailer made every move look seamless, without the player taking any damage, according to his health meter. There was also a combo meter, a web meter, and a small radar display that is certain to be his “Spidey Sense”.

It looks like Marvel’s Spider-Man does a fantastic job of weaving gameplay in with cinematic cutscenes, and also includes some quick-time events as well.

But the story is where things seem to really take off. Spider-Man first comes to the rescue of what appears to be regular construction workers, but are soon revealed to be Wilson Fisk’s hired goons! They’re being attacked by a gang called “The Demons”, who are all under the command of a rival criminal mastermind, Mr. Negative. Spider-Man seems to recognize the villain as Martin Li, and the trailer ends with Spider-Man downing his getaway helicopter and rescuing him from a fiery crash, only for Li to lunge at the hero at the very end.

Just after the credits role, you see a young man turn toward the camera and his friend call out his name, “Miles”. This references Peter Parker's replacement Ultimate Spider-Man. Could this mean that the latest Spider-Man game will feature Miles Morales as another Spider-Man?

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be coming to Playstation 4 sometime in 2018.


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