Spider-Man PS4: 10 Surprising Facts About Rhino

The rhino is pretty much the strongest foe that Spider-Man regularly faces. This is everything you might not have known about the formidable villain.

The Rhino is often one of Spider-Man's most understood and overwhelmingly powerful matchups. He's a giant wrecking-ball of a man who often gets thrown in the same conversation as Juggernaut in terms of being giant threats by every meaning of the word.

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The Rhino isn't seen much in the first act of the game, but once the Raft breakout happens, players catch plenty of glimpses with the guy both from a distance and up close and personal. Let's look at surprising facts about the Rhino from Marvel's Spider-Man.

10 The Armor Is Permanent

Imagine being a giant man who's trapped in armor that paints him as someone he no longer sees himself as. That's exactly the dilemma the Rhino is facing throughout Marvel's Spider-Man and is the driving factor for him helping Otto Octavius after the RAFT prison breakout.

He simply wants the armor removed so he can leave the world of crime, and the alias Rhino behind him. He no longer wants to be seen as the mammoth metal criminal that has terrorized New York City and it's citizens.

9 Sharp Horns

Though a Rhino's horns often look lumpy or thick, that doesn't mean they can't be dangerous or harmful. The Rhino from the Spider-Man universe also has horns you don't want to come anywhere near. Since they're technically armor and not organic they're a lot sharper than the one's naturally occurring on the creature he's named after.

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He sports a pair of them and uses them to create seams in things he's trying to break, or more disturbingly as weapons for impaling his enemies. Thankfully he never impaled Spider-Man in the game.

8 His Real Name

The Rhino's real name is Aleksei Sytsevich, though he's also been known to go by the alias Aleksei O'Him. He was born and raised in Russia which explains his name as well as his broken English. Most people don't often know his name due to one of two things.

The first is that his armor is often permanently attached so he can't be seen as anything other than the Rhino, and sadly most people don't care enough to find out. Characters who are often seen as big and dumb don't get the attention from the general audience.

7 Shockwaves

Imagine being so large and powerful that you could stomp your foot and cause a shockwave. That's the type of move the Rhino pulls off and it helps as a combination move that can stun his enemies and give him enough time to build momentum and gain speed.

He's often portrayed running and smashing, but he can do a lot more strategic-based combat than that. His shockwave can often be the difference in him escaping danger and possibly eluding Spider-Man by losing him in all of the commotions.

6 Mammoth Of A Man

When people first see the Rhino in his armor they often assume that he's a normal-sized guy in a giant mech or robot suit. Outside of the weird characterization in The Amazing Spider-Man films, Aleksei Sytsevich is a very large man who's wearing armor.

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He stands at around 7'1" and weighs in at a little over 700 pounds. This means that he's roughly the same height as famous NBA player Shaquille O'Neal and twice his weight. Standing next to the legendary Andre the Giant, he'd make the iconic wrestler look skinny by comparison.

5 Wants To Be Better

Rhino is a character that many comic book writers love to play with in terms of his moral alignment. He's often a mercenary who's brought in as the muscle for a team of bad guys, but it doesn't mean Aleksei Sytsevich is the epitome of evil.

In the game, Sytsevich wants Otto to help him remove his armor so he can move on from his life as the Rhino and the crimes he committed during the stint. In the sequel, Insomniac Games could have players being aided by a reformed Rhino during a mission that requires his skills.

4 Familiar Voice

Fred Tatasciote voices the Rhino in Marvel's Spider-Man and has also voiced the character in two other Spider-Man video games. The first of the other two titles that Tatasciore voiced him was in 2008's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and the other was 2013's The Amazing Spider-Man video game based on the film of the same name.

Being able to voice the same character over several games is an experience not many video game voice actors have, unfortunately. If Rhino returns in the sequel, hopefully, Tatasciore is brought back.

3 Faster Than You Think

You'd think that a man who was over 700 pounds would probably move at a relatively slow speed, but the Rhino happens to be one of Spider-Man's faster villains. Like the Juggernaut, a lot of the Rhino's movement is based on momentum and he's much harder to deal with if he's already in motion.

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Hippos and rhinos are both real-world animals who have their speed incorrectly judged due to people making assumptions purely based on their size. If nature is anything to point to as truth, then just because an animal is large, doesn't necessarily mean it's slow.

2 That Doesn't Hurt

Spider-Man's toughest challenge when trying to take down the Rhino is trying to inflict any sort of damage he can. The Rhino is so large and protected that he is often invulnerable to most types of attacks whether they be physical or elemental.

It's one thing to be a large physically imposing man who's extremely strong, but when you add in the fact that he can't be hurt or phased, it turns it into a real strategy-based encounter. Rhino is the comic trope character who doesn't share many of the trope's weaknesses.

1 He's Not An Idiot

Aleksei Sytsevich is often thought of like a big lumbering oaf who happens to be super strong. Well, he's not exactly Albert Einstein, but the Rhino is decently intelligent and a lot of his speech is misconstrued as ignorant or uneducated simply due to English not being his first language.

In the game, the Rhino states that he enjoys the finer things in life, and though Otto is seen as speaking kindly of his associate, it's not completely out of character for the Rhino to buy some fine art or enjoy a glass of wine.

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