Spider-Man PS4: The 10 Little Known Facts About Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn in Spider-Man PS4 is not truly seen, but we do know some little known facts and trivia about Norman Osborn's son. Let's dive in.

Though Spider-Man's story tends to differ slightly depending on the writer or the entertainment medium, Peter Parker almost always begins his journey alongside a good friend of his named Harry Osborn. Harry is the son of Norman Osborn, head of OsCorp and often the man who turns into the Green Goblin and becomes Spider-Man's arch-nemesis.

In Marvel's Spider-Man Harry story is somewhat unique and left in an interesting place by the time the credits roll. Let's look at 10 facts you may not know about Harry Osborn from Marvel's Spider-Man.

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10 Aunt May

Harry is a kid who grew up with rich parents and found a friend in Peter Parker who comes from an entirely different walk of life. Players learn that Harry loved spending time at Peter's house and developed a close relationship with Aunt May. If you're reading this list you've likely finished the game which means you're familiar with what happens to Aunt May at the end of the game.

How Harry responds to this in the anticipated sequel could play a huge impact on the overall story. We know it will likely affect Peter's journey as Spider-Man in many major ways.

9 Social Conscience

There's a belief that more often than not boys get their physical development and knowledge from their fathers and their emotional and empathetic growth from their mothers. This is a generalization and parenting/development is a lot more complicated than that.

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Harry, however, is an example of the latter as he embraces many of the dreams and aspirations his mother wanted to accomplish to make New York a better place for everyone. The sequel might show us what his father Norman might turn him into.

8 He Lost His Mom To Oshtoran Syndrome

Losing a parent at a young age is never easy. It's one thing if they're lost to a random act of violence or freak accident, but them succumbing to a genetic illness that slowly cripples them over time is something entirely different. Harry uses his mother's passing as a way to stay altruistic and true to what his mom wanted him to be.

She's the main motivation for him being socially conscious and aware of the issues humans are creating in the environment. Sadly, it's up to Peter Parker to help him finish his mother's work, as Harry starts to succumb to Oshtoran Syndrome, which he inherited from his mother.

7 Only Child

Only children tend to carry plenty of positive and negative effects on their personality simply due to not having any siblings. They can grow up to be selfish, spoiled, or self-centered which are all not ideal traits parents would love their children to adopt. On the positive end though they tend to understand the importance of relationships and can often be the friend in the group who keeps it binding together through the stages of life.

Harry didn't have a sibling to lean on when his mother passed. He also won't have one when Norman likely goes mad and destroys the Osborn name.

6 Anti-Air Pollution Dream

Marvel's Spider-Man is full of side-missions and activities that have Peter Parker doing everything from shutting down small crimes, to catching pigeons for his homeless friend. Another thing you can partake in is helping Harry finish setting up his anti-air pollution units throughout New York City.

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It's something he talked about with his mother before her passing, but due to his battle with Oshtoran Syndrome wasn't able to finish. The tasks help make New York a cleaner place, but more importantly, it brings you into the world of a kid who misses his mom.

5 The Lonely Rich Kid

A classic trope throughout storytelling is the one about the rich kid who experiences loneliness due to his parent's being busy or traveling the world. Harry is the character who falls into this trope in the game, and it's a big reason why he and Peter Parker become such close friends.

Harry is sort of jealous that Peter has such a close relationship with Aunt May and once his mother passes he's lost the one parent who showed an effort. She was the sole reason Harry grew up to have any altruistic tendencies.

4 The Voice

Harry Osborn is voiced by none other than Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter. Porter is an actor who's seen success in both traditional acting as well as a voice actor in the world of animated shows and video games.

He's a huge fan of comic books and has gone at length discussing his favorite video games. On the popular gaming-centric Youtube channel Kinda Funny Games, Porter has showcased a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for all things Marvel and video games, so voicing Harry Osborn must have been a dream come true.

3 He Knows His Dad Isn't Altruistic

Often Harry is written as this kid who's oblivious to what his father Norman is trying to accomplish. Insomniac Games was familiar with this Spider-Man trope and communicated that in this universe Harry understands that his dad is a total jerk and isn't necessarily looking out for man's best interest.

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That being said, he loves him, and though Norman is a nutcase he does showcase what he's willing to do to save his son's life. The sequel to the game could have a big part of the story focus on the relationship between a crumbling Norman, and a healthy Harry.

2 Smarty Pants

Peter Parker is often seen as the relatable whiz kid who tends to procrastinate or get side-tracked. Harry can be written in a variety of ways, but in Marvel's Spider-Man he's a sharp student who graduates at the top of his class from Empire State University. Upon graduating he began interning at his father's company, OsCorp.

Now that Harry is recovering from Oshtoran Syndrome it's unclear what he'll be doing in the sequel. Working alongside Peter in hopes of delivering more of his mother's wishes seems too optimistic of a resolution for a Spider-Man tale.

1 Venom's Host

As the game ends players quickly realize that Norman has subjected Harry to several terrifying medical solutions in an attempt to heal his Oshtoran Syndrome and save his life. Harry is last seen in a medical chamber filled with green liquid and alongside him is a tar-like black substance that's all but confirmed to be the symbiote known as Venom.

As Norman reaches to touch the glass the symbiote does the same and hits the glass from the inside. Will Harry become Venom in the sequel, or is he simply the host that transfers it to Peter Parker upon their reunion?

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