Spider-Man PS4 LEGO Minifigure And Others Offered At SDCC & Online Giveaway - Here’s How To Apply

Fans have begun to flock to San Diego for Comic-Con 2019. Some are going to wait in line for hours to catch a faraway glimpse of their favorite actors at a panel. Others are there to show off amazing costumes. And a large amount came for one thing and one thing only: exclusive swag.

We already know about several of the once-in-a-lifetime items that will appear at SDCC. Fantastic prints will be on sale featuring everything from movie hits like Detective Pikachu to a celebration of Metal Gear's Solid Snake. Nintendo is teaming up with Mattel to put out a special die-cast figure of Metal Mario in a kart, with one in ten being a Gold Mario. There's more, a lot more, and it all looks amazing. Too bad you can only get these items by physically being at Comic-Con or paying exorbitant Ebay prices after the fact.

Fortunately for the LEGO collectors out there, there's hope in an online giveaway.

As you can see, LEGO is giving away a few minifigures of PS4 Spider-Man. All you have to do is retweet the above tweet to enter the contest. There are also other minifigures up for grabs, if for some reason you're not a fan of PS4 Spidey.

If you retweet today, the 18th, you'll be eligible for the PS4 Spider-Man or a Captain Marvel ASIS Exclusive Set. On Friday the 19th, you can qualify for minifigure of Barb from Stranger Things or the Star Wars Sith Trooper Bust Exclusive Set. Saturday the 20th brings minifigure Batman in a Zebra-patterned outfit or the Dark Knight of Gotham Exclusive Set. For reference, the minifigures have a value of $4.99 while the sets go for $45.

As Comicbook.com points out, only five of each minifigure and set will be given away as part of this contest. Still, it's nice of LEGO to give them away at at all. SDCC-exclusive merch tends to be just that, exclusive. It proves difficult for collectors who can't necessarily pay to fly over to San Diego, and that's assuming they're lucky enough to get a ticket to SDCC. Luck is still a huge factor in this LEGO giveaway, but at least there's a chance for those of us at home this weekend.

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