Spider-Man PS4: 10 Facts About Mary Jane Watson

Spider-Man PS4 did a lot to make all of its characters well-rounded and real, and that includes the fantastic portrayal of Mary Jane Watson.

The moment Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 was announced fans started speculating whether the game would feature Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy. Both are pivotal in the storytelling and growth of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man so it was a crucial decision.

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Once it was revealed that MJ was not only going to be in the game but be playable during certain parts of the campaign, fans became pleasantly optimistic. Now it's time to take a look at 10 facts about Peter Parker's one true love, Mary Jane Watson.

10 More Than A Reporter

When people hear about an investigative journalist they likely have one of two templates in their head. They either see a balding middle-aged man in a white shirt and tie working behind a desk, or they see a young Jon Hamm looking fellow right out of the 1950s and resembles a hard-boiled detective.

MJ is neither of these things, but she's one heck of a reporter, investigator, and editor. She's a smart and capable woman who can multitask and has been shown to inhibit the same bravery you'd expect from a costumed hero.

9 When She Met Peter & Harry

Though MJ and Peter didn't get into a relationship until they were in college, the two of them along with Harry Osborn became best friends somewhere around middle school. They would spend countless hours together and were practically inseparable.

Both MJ and Harry had parental issues growing up, and it seems like both of them developed a strong admiration and appreciation for Peter's caretaker, Aunt May. For a girl who had an abusive father and a boy who had an absent father and sick mother, Aunt May became their rock.

8 Hanging Out With The Boys

Often times, when a friendship group is comprised of three straight people and one of them, is of the opposite sex there is a high chance of jealousy from the third if two of them form a relationship.

Considering Harry's been dealing with a lot in the years MJ and Peter have been together that behavior hasn't really been prevalent. When he was healthier though the 3 of them would chase down the best slice of pizza in New York City, and would also spend Saturday afternoons ingesting cartoons for hours with one another.

7 Where She's From

Considering many of the primary characters in Spider-Man's lore are born somewhere in New York, it may come as a surprise that MJ isn't one of those characters. She actually hales all the way from Montoursville, Pennsylvania and was born in 1995.

Obviously, the state of Pennsylvania isn't too far from New York City, so it's not a stretch at all to see someone from that close out of state move over in pursuit of better investigative journalism opportunities, though for MJ the move came years before that.

6 The Romance's Beginning

Like previously mentioned MJ and Peter had known each other since middle school but didn't start dating until they were in college. The romance likely started years before that, but when you're that close of friends it feels best to not chance to lose such a strong relationship.

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Though their initial relationship didn't last long as we'll get into later, during the events of the game players see them come back closer than ever before. Peter now understands that MJ is fully capable of taking care of herself and helping the cause.

5 Teasing Harry

Most people who are even tangentially familiar with Spider-Man know that MJ likes to be playful with Peter. She'll call him Tiger and will often fire quips right back at him if she's feeling up to it. Peter isn't the only one who can be the target of MJ's playful teasing.

Harry Osborne, who loves his mother, couldn't hear the end of it from MJ when he said his mother was one of the prettiest women in New York City. She knows how much his mother meant to him, and it was her way of connecting with her troubled friend.

4 A Familiar Voice

Mary Jane Watson is voiced by none other than Laura Bailey in Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4. That name should sound familiar as Laura Bailey is considered the most successful video game voice actress ever.

If a brand new AAA game is coming out and has a prominent female character there's a good chance Bailey is involved. Alongside taking on the iconic role of MJ, Bailey will also be playing Kait Diaz in Gears V in 2019 and Black Widow in Square Enix's Avengers game set to release in early 2020.

3 A Tough Upbringing?

If you're familiar with MJ's story in the Spider-Man comics than the idea of her having a rough childhood isn't new. She tends to grow up with her father who has a drinking problem and can be abusive at times both physically and verbally. Thankfully MJ is able to overcome this and doesn't let it affect her goals and ambitions.

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The reason her bond with Peter Parker and Harry Osborn is so strong is that they're all lonely and broken in their own ways. The shared experience brings them together.

2 Why They Broke Up

As many comics will discuss, trying to keep a secret identity can cause rifts in relationships as the lines of communication blur and become confusing and convoluted. Peter Parker tried to hide his dual-life as Spider-Man for many years and even though MJ eventually found out, it doesn't mean it didn't cause a rift between them.

Peter cares about protecting the ones he loves at all costs which means he can come off as overly controlling. This behavior is what led to Peter and MJ's breakup after dating for a couple of years.

1 Fully Dimensional Woman

MJ is a character who's been around in the comics for decades and because of this, she's been written in a number of ways. As times have progressed and women have been given more and more respect in entertainment, MJ's seen herself be fleshed out as someone who can aide Peter Parker, but isn't solely defined by being his girlfriend.

Insomniac Games did a great job of making her a fully dimensional character that's capable of more than just one emotion and feels like one of the best portrayals of the character in the modern age.

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