Spider-Man PS4: Insomniac Confirms Multiple Spider-Suits

Over Twitter, Insomniac Games confirmed that there would definitely be more than one Spider-Man suit in the PS4 game.

Insomniac Games upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The game was heavily featured during the Sony PlayStation Media Showcase at E3. Shortly thereafter, one fan took to twitter to ask Insomniac Games if Marvel’s Spider-Man would feature multiple outfits. Insomniac Games answered with a resounding yes.

Although Marvel’s Spider-Man isn’t set to release until 2018, there is still a lot of hype surrounding the game. Sony released brand new gameplay footage during their showcase in a video that was almost nine minutes long. This PlayStation 4 exclusive features a brand new Spider-Man costume with an unusual white logo instead of the classic black. Not all of the fans are happy with the change, so the option to customize Spider-Man in the game is a welcome addition. We previously covered some of the new features in the game.

Interestingly enough, the new white logo isn’t just a creative way to make Marvel’s Spider-Man look unique. According to a tweet from Insomniac Games, the white logo actually has some significance in the game’s plot. Unfortunately, there is still no clue what that significance is. Similarly, although multiple costumes have been confirmed, the exact number and specific designs still remain a mystery.

Insomniac Games has a variety of different outfits that they can choose from. Spider-Man has gone through many redesigns in the character's lifetime, both in the main cannon and alternate universes. A classic Spider-Man outfit is almost a given and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the Black Spider-Man outfit. Other popular designs that could be included in the game are the Stealth Suit, the Iron Spider, Noir Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Spider-Man. Of course, this is all speculation and we are just as likely to see Spider-Ham as a customizable skin.


In addition to the various outfits, fans will also be treated with the appearance of at least one other Spider-Man. The game is set to revolve around the classic wall-crawling hero, Peter Parker, but Miles Morales will also be in the game, and his role is more than just a simple cameo. Unfortunately for Peter, this news does not bode well. For those who are unfamiliar with Miles, in the comics he donned the mantle of Spider-Man after witnessing the death of Peter Parker. Thankfully, there is no confirmation that this will be the case in the upcoming game.

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