Spider-Man PS4 Features Open Roam And Physics-Based Webs

The new Spider-Man PS4 game features completely physics-based webs, according to the developer.

In the wake of the awesome gameplay trailer for the new Spider-Man game, Insomniac Games has assured gamers that the web slinging will feature “physics-based” web slinging, requiring Spidey’s webs to be attached to something before he can swing.

With the floaty web swinging featured in The Amazing Spider-Man, fans were anxious to see how Spidey would traverse the city in the newest installment. It’s hard to judge from a non-playable gameplay trailer, but Insomniac Game’s speedy response to reassure gamers is a good sign.

The trailer features the web-slinging hero beating up on goons, sprinting acrobatically through crumbling buildings, and climaxing with an epic helicopter fight. The trailer also features all the dynamic ways that Spider-Man can use his web abilities, from ripping the guts out of a helicopter to bring it out of the air, to frantically constructing a protective cradle to catch that same falling helicopter. Spidey also maneuvers through the city with ease, web swinging included.


When Spider-Man tethers a web and swings from building to building, the web does connect to any available surface in a way that doesn’t look to be intrusive or break up gameplay. He also wall runs and swings around the side of buildings in his pursuit of the aforementioned helicopter, making travel through the city by air look incredibly streamlined and fluid.

Via: youtube.com

It’s hard to judge how the web swinging, or any part of the extremely active gameplay showcase, really feels but at this point it looks to be what Spider-Man fans have been waiting for since Neversoft nailed it with Spider-Man on the original Playstation. The new Spider-Man will be playable on the floor at some point during E3, so the truth will soon come to light as to how well the web slinging really works. Hopefully Insomniac Games put the tweet out as a way to guarantee gamers that the web slinging will be fun and organic, as opposed to damage control for travel that is intrusive and wooden to the gameplay at large.

Marvel Spider-Man will be released at some point in 2018.

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