Spider-Man PS4 Player Takes Selfie At Ben Parker's Grave

Spider-Man PlayStation 4 allows players to do a lot of things, like take an overly cheerful selfie at Ben Parker's grave.

The new Spider-Man game has only been on sale for two days and so much good has already come out of it, including this Spidey selfie.

The release of Spider-Man exclusively on PlayStation 4, has been one of the most anticipated events on the gaming calendar for 2018. Throughout the years there were a number of memorable Spider-Man games that not only captured our attention at the time but hold up until this day which is definitely easier said than done. Now, it seems like we have one of, if not the best in the web slinger's gaming library.

When it comes to Spidey's origin story, aside from Bruce Wayne's parents being killed in cold blood down an alley, it might be the most well-known in comic book history. Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops the super-powers that enable him to become Spider-Man.


The other major contributing factor to Parker becoming Spider-Man is the death of his uncle, Ben Parker. Peter Parker is raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, but Ben dies after being shot by a criminal. This is as responsible for Peter becoming Spider-Man as the original spider bite. But how does this all tie into the new PS4 game, we hear you ask?

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Well, one of the cool features that players have already been taking advantage of is the ability to take selfies in the new game. It makes sense since the hero taking photos of himself so that Parker could sell them to the media was a theme in the movies and the comics. One player, in particular, went dark fast with their selfie game, getting Spider-Man to pose alongside his Uncle Ben's grave as you can see above courtesy of Reddit.

Give gamers an open world scenario and they will take advantage of it in a number of ways. Give them an open world from a comic book where they are the hero, obviously brace yourself for plenty of heroics, but also a healthy dose of the above. At the time of typing this, we are only 48 hours into the lifespan of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, so there are definitely plenty more for us to discover in the coming weeks.


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