Spider-Man PS4: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Spider-Man PS4 features a massive open-world recreation of New York City, and there's plenty to do and explore once you've finished the campaign.

About a year ago, Marvel's Spider-Man arrived on the PlayStation 4 and took the world by storm. You couldn't scroll through your Twitter timeline without seeing in-game selfies taken by the millions who immersed themselves in the fictional take on Manhattan. It is one of the highest-selling games in recent memory and many consider it to be the best superhero video game of all time.

The main story of Marvel's Spider-Man is engaging, features plot twists, and has a satisfying tale from start to finish. But once you wrap things up, what should you do next? There are tons of options and we're here to list the 10 best things to fill your time when you beat the game.

10 Find The Proposal

This game is filled with all sorts of easter eggs. Some speak to Marvel history, others are meant for hardcore fans, and some are seemingly random. The now infamous proposal is one of the stranger inclusions and ultimately is the most heartbreaking.

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Tyler Schultz, a fan, tweeted Insomniac Games to help him propose to his girlfriend. They responded by including a marriage proposal on the marquee at a movie theater in the game. Sadly, despite Tyler saying his girlfriend would be around by the time the game arrived, they broke up beforehand. You can still head out and find the marquee if you look hard enough.

9 Interact With Pedestrians

There are a lot of fun things to do when simply walking around New York City in this game. As Spider-Man, you can interact with most of the pedestrians who pass by. Some of the little bits include saying hi to some of them and taking selfies with others.

There are situations where you can just follow someone around and see what their plans on for the day. These NPCs all have something to do. It might not be the most interesting way to spend your time, but it might lead you to discover some interesting bits.

8 Basketball

Okay, so you technically cannot play a game of basketball in Marvel's Spider-Man. However, imagination can be your best friend when it comes to this area. You'll almost certainly notice basketball courts scattered throughout the city.

It starts when you use L1 and R1 together to web up a basketball and fling it across the court. There's a fair amount of difficulty in trying to get the ball into the basket. It makes for a fun and challenging mini-game.

7 Find Marvel References

As noted, a lot of the easter eggs are related to Marvel's long history. The game is filled with them. You can spend hours looking for all of these places and references throughout New York City.

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Among the places you can find are the Sanctum Sanctorum, Alias Investigations, Rand Industries, and the offices of Nelson and Murdock. There are references to 2002's Spider-Man film and Inhumans. Spidey also drops a funny line when you find the Wakandan Embassy.

6 Visit Landmarks

In the same vein of finding the key Marvel locations, you should also try finding all of the landmarks in the game. Some of them are the Marvel areas but there are a lot that are real-life New York City landmarks.

Radio City Music Hall. The Empire State Building. The Brooklyn Bridge. Times Square. These are all included in the game and are part of your quest to snap photos of every landmark. It's one of the most enjoyable side missions to embark on.

5 Fight Crime

This one seems pretty obvious. Throughout the game, you may find yourself en route to an important story point only to get sidetracked by a bit of crime happening around the city. As the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you can't help but want to stop this crime.

When you finish the game, there's a good chance there will still be crime happening. In fact, there are a handful of them to stop in each section of the city. You can keep going until you clear it all out and make New York a safe place.

4 Play The Expansion Packs

The main reason that expansion packs exist is to add to a game and give the player more to do. That's the case with the expansion packs that are part of Marvel's Spider-Man. Known as The City That Never Sleeps, this three-part series of DLC added a lot to the overall experience of this game.

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Spider-Man gets help from Mary Jane Watson, Yuri Watanabe, Silver Sable, and Black Cat in these missions. The story takes place after the events of the main game plot and features crime driven by Hammerhead. It's just a nice way to continue your adventures as Spider-Man.

3 Secret Photo Ops

Marvel's Spider-Man lets you know all about the landmark locations throughout. When you find them all, you complete the side task. However, there are actually 50 secret photo opportunities that don't show up on your map. They work the same way as landmarks but are more difficult to uncover.

These aren't going to be any of the obvious ones that are part of the main landmark side quest. You can find all of the locations if you look on online, but the fun is taking random photos and hoping it is part of this challenge. There's even a fun unlockable costume to get once you capture all the photos.

2 Max Out Spidey

Some gamers may overlook this in favor of the more obvious suit changes and power-ups. However, you can check out the attributes section to see how to improve Spider-Man. There are various levels you can reach for the different things you do throughout the game.

These include wall-crawling, parkour jumping, and special tricks while diving. You'll also find ones for combat, web attacks, and almost any other aspect of this immersive game that you can think of. It'll take a while, but you can eventually get Spidey maxed out on all of these.

1 Finish Side Missions

It is probably the most obvious option on this list but it's also easily the most important. The main story is the biggest piece of this game yet there is so much more to do. Similar to the experience of playing a Grand Theft Auto game, the side missions add so much to the fun and replay value.

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Off to the side, you can capture pictures of landmarks, help clean up Harry Osborn projects, collect backpacks, complete Taskmaster challenges, and more. Completing all of these would almost be like you've finished another game entirely.

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