Spider-Man PS4: 10 Villains Who Could Show Up In The Sequel

Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 managed to deliver a well-executed Spider-Man tale that weaved Peter Parker's struggles as a hero into a greater narrative including many characters from his beloved history. Many of these characters happened to be villains of the web-slinger that are part of Marvel comic book history's greatest rogues gallery and second overall to DC's Batman.

The game offered plenty of information on the whereabouts of numerous bad guys, but will they show up in the sequel? Let's look at 10 villains who could appear in the sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man.

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10 The Lizard


In Marvel's Spider-Man Peter Parker has a strong attachment to the world of science and technology. He worked alongside a mad scientist and was also offered to work at the company owned and operated by his best friend's dad, OsCorp. Going into the sequel Peter will be looking to pursue science and tech and Curt Connors could be a great way to do that.

Once again you'd have Peter building a relationship with a possible madman, but the story could play out in a way where the Lizard ends up being the lesser of two evils and a possible savior for Peter.

9 Chameleon

Should the Chameleon make an appearance in the sequel? Well, he was referenced in the first game, and heck, knowing his abilities players likely already had a run-in with him.

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The cool thing with a character who can disguise himself as anyone is that Insomniac Games can retrofit him into previous events or the active ongoing narrative. All that needs to be included is an additional scene where you see the Chameleon shed the face of the person he was pretending to be.

8 Prowler

The likelihood of Miles Morales becoming the main Spider-Man by the end of Insomniac Games' series of stories is very likely. This means that his uncle, the villain known as the Prowler, will also likely start making his presence known throughout the city. Prowler is never really the main antagonist, as his role is usually as a mercenary just looking for a little bit of cash and adventure.

If Miles sees Peter Parker take down his uncle and cause actual harm it could cause a real rift between the two moving forward.

7 Tombstone

Alongside the many weird animal-inspired villains Spider-Man takes down, he also tends to fight the numerous gangs that populate New York City and the surrounding area.

One of these mobsters is the impenetrable Tombstone, who players fight during the main campaign of the game, and upon defeat praises Spider-Man's skills before promising a rematch. Depending on what new game mechanics the sequel introduces, Insomniac Games could make a unique and entertaining fight with the stone-skinned mobster.

6 Tarantula

Tarantula is an enemy of Spider-Man's that isn't mentioned or referenced in the game, but that doesn't mean that universe's Peter Parker has never met him. During the Spider-Geddon comic event, the Spider-Man from the game has a run-in with Tarantula shortly before he's whisked away on a multiverse Spider-Man adventure.

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This comic secured the villain's place in the canon, and dialogue teased a possible reunion between the two in the future. He'd likely play a role as a side mission or comic relief interaction.

5 Sandman

The Sandman, though known, hasn't ever had a true chance to shine during a duel with the wall-crawler in the original. In Marvel's Spider-Man one of the many collectibles hidden around New York City is a sealed test tube filled with Sandman. It's unclear whether they are the deceased remains of the villain, or if he's still alive but it's such little sand that he doesn't have the power to break out.

The original game focused a lot on technology, but with the likely introduction of symbiotes maybe more organic or elemental enemies with be the threat in the sequel.

4 Kingpin

Kingpin did a great job in the game as being the bad guy you're forced to work with simply due to the value of information. The first thing you do in the game is scaling his building and arresting him for his terrible deeds.

Though you talk to him at multiple times, that's the last time you fight him with your arsenal of moves. In the sequel, it could come full circle where maybe he's one of the last fights you have, or maybe you simply need to get more information from him and your only expendable income is your fists.

3 Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is currently being talked about as a potential leading antagonist for the inevitable third Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man film. Tom Holland, who portrays Spider-Man in the films, has even gone as far as naming Jason Mamoa as his dream casting.

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For the unfamiliar Kraven the Hunter is a world-renowned hunter who's always looking for the next great prey that he can secure and defeat. Spider-Man has always been the one that got away, so maybe players will be running from the predator in the sequel.

2 Green Goblin

Norman Osborn was a pivotal character in the first game despite not being the main antagonist or taking on his iconic supervillain persona. Insomniac Games has the creative freedom to tell their own Spider-Man story, so it's tough to predict if they'll walk down the familiar path of Norman becoming the Green Goblin.

Many fans believe you can't tell a compelling Spider-Man story without the pumpkin-tosser, so it's likely in the interest of Insomniac to incorporate Spidey's number one villain.

1 Venom

If you're reading this list you're likely not concerned with spoilers for the game, so you should know why this could be a possibility. At the end of the game, Norman Osborn greets his son Harry who is being stabilized in a weird water-chamber alongside a symbiote-like substance.

The easy assumption is that Harry takes on the role of Venom in the sequel due to his proximity to the creature, but there are other possibilities. What if it hides on Harry and attaches itself to Norman, Peter Parker, or someone else?

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