Spider-Man Suits Revealed For 'The Heist' DLC

Just as momentum seemed to be dying down for the spectacular Spider-Man PS4, our hero is coming back swinging. The game's first DLC, titled "The Heist," is coming out on October 23rd, just in time to compete with Red Dead Redemption 2. So what does Insomniac Games have planned to get people away from the Wild West and back to NYC? Three shiny new Spidey suits.

Details on the DLC, as well as the 1.07 update that accompanies it, were shared on the PlayStation Blog, reports Gematsu. While the update adds cool stuff like a New Game + and more trophies, "The Heist" is really the star of the show. The adventure will center on Spidey's sometimes-lover, sometimes-foe Black Cat. It's the first of three chapters in an interconnected story called "Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps."

As for the new suits, "The Heist" will add two outfits from the comics and one made specially for the game. The game-original suit is called the Resilient Suit. It was designed by Marvel illustrator Gabriele Dell’Otto. It's the one pictured in the middle.

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The one on the left is the second Scarlet Spider suit. In the comics, Peter Parker lends the technological suit to his clone Kaine. Kaine runs off with it to start a new life as the violent sort-of-hero Scarlet Spider.

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The final suit belongs to Spider-UK. This is actually not a version of Peter Parker, but instead William Braddock, Captain Britain of his universe. When he stumbles upon a plot  targeting various Spider-people, he uses his magic UK powers to form a multi-dimensional army to save them from extinction. His costume reflects his part-spider, part-Captain Britain power set.

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Overall, these new suits go a long way to keep the Spidey hype machine going. Insomniac has done a fantastic job adding to the Spider-Man legacy with its new takes on certain characters. The Resilient Suit keeps up that trend. Meanwhile, Scarlet Spider and Spider-UK will be very appreciated by fans of the comic.

But will the DLC get any attention when put alongside Red Dead Redemption 2, the "biggest video game release of 2018?" If there's any underdog that can defy such odds, it's Spider-Man.

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