A Spider-Man VR Game Could Be... Amazing

Players would be able to become Spider-Man and swing around NYC fighting some of the greatest villains of all time.

Since the release of Spider-Man for Sony's PlayStation 4, the game has had unparalleled success. In July, it officially became the highest grossing super-hero video game of all time, surpassing the stellar Batman: Arkham City. PlayStation is sure to capitalize on the game's success going forward and a sequel seems all but inevitable. With its success and the newest Spidey flick grossing over one billion dollars at the box-office, interest in the character continues to be extremely high. Maybe it's time Spider-Man makes his way into VR.

VR And Superheroes

Superhero video games are consistently hit-or-miss. You have truly amazing games, but you also have duds. The Batman: Arkham series has been consistently good to truly spectacular, leading to a spin-off game for the PlayStation VR; Batman: Arkham VR. The game received decent enough reviews (mixed to average) and showed some promise. Its main problem was that it acted as a glorified tech demo rather than an actual video game. Still, it was neat becoming The Batman and being immersed in his world.

Earlier this year an Iron Man VR game was announced called Marvel's Iron Man VR. We were intrigued (and excited) for the possibilities of a game like that. The announcement trailer left fans wanting more as it did little to show actual gameplay footage, though. Fortunately, gameplay was shown at SDCC and the hype is building for this game. It looks immersive and fun. If Marvel's Iron Man VR is a well made game that is met with success, the doors are opened for other superhero VR games to follow.

Becoming Spidey

A Spider-Man VR game would be a great way to highlight the continued potential of VR technology. Players could be immersed in a virtual New York City. Swinging around the city as Spidey in a VR environment is something dreams are made of.

Spider-Man has one of the best rogue galleries in all of comics and fighting some of these iconic villains would be incredible. Just seeing the true scale of these villains up close and personal would be an exciting experience. From utilizing Spider-Man's web shooters, Spider-senses, and the ability to crawl up walls and massive skyscrapers, the possibilities are endless.

One of the only possible downsides could be the potential nausea from the VR game itself. Motion sickness is a thing when it comes to VR and swinging through high rises in NYC could prove troublesome.

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Is This A Possibility?

This leaves the question of how could this game become a reality? Will it utilize the previous iteration of the Spider-Man game for the PS4? Or, will it be a completely original story built from the ground up? Utilizing Spider-Man and creating a VR experience from that game could be the way to go. It's a proven success when it comes to story and mechanics. The game is beloved by so many people and to relive it through a VR lens could be the stuff of legends.

Is there an actual possibility of a Spider-Man VR game ever being released? Eventually it could happen. If Marvel's Iron Man VR is great and is met with critical and commercial success than it is very possible. Superheroes are at an all-time high in terms of popularity and developers wouldn't miss a chance to capitalize on it.

Via Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man for VR could be amazing. Gamers would be able to become one of the most beloved superheroes of all time and swing around NYC fighting some of the greatest villains in comic book history. Spider-Man is already there and if Sony wants to translate that game into a VR environment the results could be outstanding. Here's to hoping we will get a Spider-Man VR game someday and here's to hoping that we get to have a "Pizza Time" mission when it does come true.

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