Spinda Comes To Pokémon Go In 8 Different Forms

After Spinda's official release, dataminers found eight different forms for the Pokémon. It might count down to gen 4.

Pokémon Go recently got a stealth new addition to its roster. Spinda, a panda-like creature known for its varying spot pattern, made its way into the game via a Field Research quest. While the Spinda in the main series Pokémon games can have billions of pattern variants, Pokémon Go only includes eight. But some fans think it means something.

via: polygon.com

Every generation of Pokémon has a handful of creatures that follow some sort of gimmick. Ditto transforms into other Pokémon, Smeargle can copy any other Pokémon's attack with its Sketch move. These Pokémon seem to elude Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go, because they play by unusual rules. Their unique abilities require finesse and don't fit into the "just tap the screen a lot" playstyle of Go.

Likewise, a simple phone game would probably have trouble registering the billion kinds of Spinda. That's probably why, when Niantic finally introduced it, Spinda only got eight variants in Go. And only one is actually available now. Players can complete the "Land Three Nice Curveballs" task to get the goatee-sporting Spinda. The other seven are only known because dataminers found them.

via: reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad

That might have been the end of the story, but a number of fans believe there's more to Spinda. Polygon reports that Niantic tends to release updates for Pokémon Go on Thursdays, and August 9th is a Thursday. Eight days from Spinda's release to a possible update, and eight different kinds of Spinda. Could it be a countdown to something? Some people think so.

Several theories have popped up on The Silph Road, a popular subreddit for Pokémon Go players, that say Spinda's appearance is hinting at a new release. Many theorists claim that new release will be the fourth generation of Pokémon. With Spinda being one of the final third generation Pokémon to appear, it does seem time to gear up for the next wave. The fourth generation includes fan-favorites like Lucario and Garchomp, which would certainly be more exciting than a spotted panda coming out all by itself.

It's all theory, of course, but there was one hint from Niantic. There was also a noted leaker who claimed generation four is coming soon. So trainers would be wise to keep their eyes on Spinda.

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