Spitlings Will Be Stadia's Second Timed-Exclusive Game

Spitlings is a cartoonish indie title that looks as if it could run on a low-spec machine.

Google Stadia is receiving another exclusive, but it's not quite a technical powerhouse that can show off the capabilities of the service. Instead, Spitlings is a cartoonish indie title that looks as if it could run on a low-spec machine.

The people who purchased the Founder's Edition of Google Stadia only had access to a handful of games at launch, and the only exclusive was the middling Gylt, which received tepid critical reaction. There will be other timed-exclusives for Google Stadia in the future, such as Orcs Must Die 3, but the current line-up of titles consists of older games from the current console generation.

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The next timed-exclusive that will be coming to Google Stadia is an arcade shooter called Spitlings, where the player characters use saliva as their main projectile. Spitlings won't be staying on Google Stadia forever, as the official website for the game states that it will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One in the future. Spitlings seems as if it won't be taxing on the hardware, so it might not be as much of a get for Stadia as Google might have hoped.

This isn't to say that Spitlings looks like a bad game. The main point of Google Stadia is that it can run modern high-end games without a need for downloads, as all of the hard work is done on the server end.

Google Stadia can be an impressive piece of technology under the right circumstances, but most of the games in its current library do little to show off the potential of the service. Google Stadia badly needs some brand new releases in order to show off what it's capable of, and Spitlings doesn't seem like the kind of game that'll be the centerpiece for any potential Stadia owner to brag about.

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Spitlings is due to arrive on Google Stadia in the future, followed by a release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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