Attention Amateur Game Devs: Splash Damage Releases Dirty Bomb Design Docs For Free

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Have you ever wanted to get into games design, but not known where to begin? Well, Splash Damage is here with a late holiday gift for you. These documents from Dirty Bomb blow the process wide open.

Gamers have a bit of a reputation, don’t they? Backseat development advise is a terrible thing. You know how sports fans (who’ve never exercised in their lives) howl advice at the players on the screen, from the comfort of their couches? Lots of us have a tendency to do the same thing while playing games.

Take something like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for instance. Sakurai has, as usual, worked his talented fingers to sad little stumps, and stressed about a decade of his life away, crafting this huge and ambitious title. Now, apparently, he’s relaxing and playing Smash Ultimate on his own Switch at home, but all throughout the process, the internet’s been loaded with forumers and comment section-users who, supposedly, have known better than him. Who totally could have done a better job.

Now, nobody’s saying that the piranha plant character was a great idea, but we’re talking about coding here. So many gamers dream of being developers themselves, see it as their ideal vocation, in fact, but there’s so much more to it than a player may think.

Dirty Bomb Design Docs
Via: Rock Paper Shotgun

Just how much? Well, take the intricacies of a more complex and difficult stage creator mode, and dial them up to… around eighteen trillion. Game development is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for darn sure. You want to be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

So, here comes Splash Damage, with a healthy dose of insight for budding developers. As Rock Paper Shotgun reports, the design documents for their high-speed and super fun FPS Dirty Bomb were originally an exclusive gift for Kickstarter backers. Now, anyone can just hop over here and download it in PDF format.

Whether you’ve dabbled in design yourself, you’re a bit of a veteran or you’re just interested in the process, it’s definitely worth your while to check this out. It dives into minutiae like how recoil affects accuracy and big picture stuff like multiplayer map design.


Not only that, but fans are also sure to appreciate the art book and soundtrack from Dirty Bomb, which is also available back at the download page.

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