Splatoon 2's New Special Weapon Functions Like Smash Bros' Hammer Item

Splatoon 2's newest update will introduce a whimsical and destructive new weapon that's shaped like a giant hammer: the Ultra Stamp.

Things might seem slow in the Nintendo corner these days, what with all the cowboy and Call Of Duty talk, but Splatoon 2 is still chugging along. In fact, squid kids are about to receive an amazing new weapon in the form of the Ultra Stamp. This giant, hammer-like armament looks to pack devastation and whimsy in equal measure.

The Ultra Stamp is one of the game's temporary, game-changing special weapons, and it's coming with the next update. Splatoon 2 will be updated to version 4.2.0according to Nintendo Life, on November 6th or 7th, depending on what region you're playing from.

As for what the Ultra Stamp actually does, Nintendo Life provided a handy translation of the Japanese description of the new weapon. It's a frontal assault weapon. The wielder can slam the ground in front of them repeatedly, leaving a big ink spot and instantly squashing any poor opponents who stand in the hammer's path.

It also protects the user from any frontal attacks through its sheer bulk. That includes foes approaching from the air thanks to its 'ZR' button function. To finish off the rampage, the user can push the 'R' button to throw the Ultra Stamp. It then flies forward and explodes upon impact or after traveling a set distance.

You can see it in action via the Nintendo Versus Twitter account.

As the Tweet points out, there is one glaring weakness to the Ultra Stamp. While you can smash anything in front of you as flat as a pancake, using the hammer leaves your back completely exposed. The only way to counter this weakness is to rely on your teammates, which is a risky venture in the wide world of randomized matchmaking.

Even so, the Ultra Stamp looks like a complete blast to use. It's a real achievement, for a competitive shooter that's over a year old, to introduce new content that's as purely fun as the original. Splatoon 2 might be buried under all the breathtaking new games of 2018, but it's as good now as it ever was. Now if only Nintendo could fix their online service to match it.

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