Splatoon 2 Introduces New Torpedo Weapon, Will Track Any Opponent Player In Sight

Nintendo is getting aggressive with the Splatoon 2 content, with two game-changing weapons set to drop this week. We already covered the Ultra Stamp in a previous article, a new special weapon that allows squids to literally drop the hammer. A giant hammer that makes the wielder invincible from the front. The next weapon to be revealed takes on a more subtle approach. This is the Torpedo, a missile that will hunt the enemy down.

via: nintendolife.com

The Torpedo was revealed by the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter, Nintendo Life reports. It's classified as a sub weapon, the same thing as the various bombs and grenades players can already use. It, along with the Ultra Stamp, will be part of Splatoon 2's 4.2.0 update that drops on November 6th or 7th, depending on the region.

At first, the Torpedo looks like the average sub weapon, a bomb full of colored ink. But once it's thrown, it will change shape and fly towards the nearest enemy, following them even if they try to escape in squid form. It will explode upon catching its prey, splattering ink on the spot and all over the target.

There is, however, a countermeasure. Should you find yourself on the receiving end of a Torpedo, you can shoot it down before it gets to you.

Here's a video of the Torpedo in action.

Away from the weapon side of things, Nintendo Life also notes that Splatoon's Tumblr page is hinting at a level redesign. The stage known as The Reef is currently "closed for repair work." While repairs are underway, the stage isn't being used for online multiplayer battles. It is scheduled to return on November 7th, just in time for the update.


The 4.2.0 update looks exciting, to say the least. It also looks like Nintendo is working quite hard to keep Splatoon 2 relevant in the wake of its not-so-well received switch to paid online. The squid shooter is Nintendo's biggest online multiplayer game until Smash Ultimate comes out, so a regular stream of game-changing content is crucial to keep people playing, and more importantly paying.

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