Splatoon 2's Newest Weapon Is A Massive Dragon Ball Meme

Splatoon 2's newest special move is the Booyah Bomb, a glowing orb that gets stronger when allies spam the Booyah emote like in DBZ.

Splatoon 2 is getting an explosive new special weapon, and it's straight out of Dragon Ball. The Booyah Bomb is just what it sounds like, a bomb that unleashes a massive explosion of ink. But its the unique way you'll have to charge it, by spamming the "Booyah!" emote, that has fans going wild.

The move is detailed in the latest post from the "Squid Research Lab," the official Splatoon blog. As if inviting the Dragon Ball comparison, the cover image shows an Inkling holding up a glowing ball of ink. It looks very similar to Goku holding up a Spirit Bomb.

Fans were also quick to point out that the effect of the weapon matches that of the Spirit Bomb. Just like how Goku needs his allies to throw their hands up and give energy to increase the size of his bomb, it seems that Inklings will need their allies to use the "Booyah" emote to help grow theirs.

The "Booyah" emote is very important to the Splatoon 2 community, particularly on the game's subreddit. Part of that is because the game lacks more detailed pings like "I Have My Ultimate" or "Take This Objective" that other online games have. And many players refuse to use the voice chat because it's relegated to a smartphone app instead of being a part of the actual game. With one simple emote being the bulk of in-game communication, players encourage each other to "Always Booyah Back."

So this move, one that actually gets stronger when you Booyah back, is already a huge crowd-pleaser.

via: reddit.com/user/EP2274

It's worth noting that there's some confusion on what Booyah-ing actually does to the Booyah Bomb. The Japanese announcement of the move seems to imply that the user directly gets power from their allies chanting "Booyah." But the English blog post says that allies will just increase their own special gauge by Booyah-ing while the bomb charges. Either way, the move encourages players to spam the emote, and that's what has players excited.

It's a smart move by the developers, one that shows why Splatoon is the success that it is. The makers of the game are obviously aware of the memes surrounding their product, and are willing to acknowledge them in a way that's fun but not too pandering. The Booyah Bomb will be enjoyable even for those who aren't on the subreddit. While Nintendo struggles to figure out online subscriptions and why people insist on making Bowser attractive, at least the Splatoon team knows how to stay fresh.

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