Splatoon 2's Upcoming Anniversary Splatfest Gets Very Real, Offers Playable Octolings

Splatoon 2's anniversary Splatfest will pit Squids against Octolings, giving players the chance to play as the DLC characters.

Splatoon 2 has been going from strength to strength recently, with the release of the challenging Octo Expansion, and the Inklings coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Does the team have a little somethin’ somethin’ in store for the game’s first anniversary? You’d better believe it. Hold on to your Splattershots, it’s about to get controversial in here.

Now, there’s been a lot of talk about Nintendo Switch’s second year. Is it maintaining the momentum of the 2017 holiday season? Are releases like Mario Tennis Aces and the upcoming Octopath Traveler enough to rival last year’s output? Well, that depends who you ask. Whatever your opinion, though, one thing’s clear: a lot of Switch’s biggest, earliest hitters are reaching the first anniversary of their release.

On June 16, the first anniversary of ARMS passed by with nothing more than a special piece of art to commemorate the occasion. None of the game’s trademark Party Crash events. Splatoon 2, however, is having a worldwide themed Splatfest to mark the date, and it’s going to be a controversial one.

Via: Nintendolife

That’s right. We’re putting our light-hearted debates about which is the best Ninja Turtle aside and tackling a much more serious topic. Which is the superior sea species, the squid or the octopus? From July 20 (the game released worldwide on July 21 2017), you’re going to have to decide.

As Destructoid points out, this is quite a big deal for the Splatoon community. After all, the recent expansion centered around fostering a peaceful, mixed community of Inkling and Octoling. The big draw of the DLC was the ability to unlock an Octoling to play as in online matches (which we’re seeing a real spike of lately, of course). How could you divide us like this, Nintendo? For shame.

There’s a curious caveat, though. If you choose to support Team Octopus, as it were, you’ll be able to play as an Octoling throughout the brief event. This is sure to draw many who haven’t completed the often-punishing DLC to the octopus side.

Will you be joining other Splatoon 2 fans as they destroy the spirit of sea creature harmony later this month?

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