Splatoon 2's 3.0 Update Hits Tomorrow: Here's What We Know So Far

Splatoon 2 has been one of the big hits of the Nintendo Switch line up so far. It’s wild, it’s wacky, it’s uniquely Nintendo, and it’s built itself quite the fanbase on the hybrid handheld. Fans have been anticipating the big 3.0 update for some time now, and it touches down tomorrow. Let’s take a look.

The Splatoon franchise has been one of the company’s big surprises of recent years. Of course, they weren’t going to drop a conventional third-person shooter (that’s hardly in Nintendo’s wheelhouse), but still. This is to the genre as Mario Kart is to racing games, or Super Smash Bros. is to fighters.

The original game hit the Wii U in 2015, introducing the world to the odd squid shooter concept. The crux of the whole thing is four-on-four multiplayer team battles, with players taking the roles of Inklings. These creatures can shift between human and squid forms at will, with the former able to wield their choice of a whole arsenal of ink-firing weapons and the latter able to swim through said ink at high speed.

The unconventional gunplay focused on inking as much of the map as possible with your team’s colour in ‘turf wars,’ as opposed to taking out members of the opposing team. It was a quirky and innovative take on the genre, which just didn’t garner the attention it deserved by virtue of the small Wii U install base. Splatoon 2, on the other hand, has attracted a whole new audience. So what’s this much-ballyhooed update all about?

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As Eurogamer reports, the 3.0 update launches tomorrow, and will bring a great mix of the old and the new to the game. For starters, returning fans will be happy to hear that the original’s much-loved Camp Triggerfish map is coming to the game. As will Callie of the popular Squid Sisters, when certain conditions are achieved in the title’s singleplayer component.

Along with this, we’re promised over 100 pieces of new gear (some brand new, some returning from Splatoon), four new weapons and the elite new X Rank. This will be accessible only to players who have achieved rank S+10, and will be quite a challenge to achieve and maintain.

Finally, there’ll be a selection of new music to enjoy, courtesy of the Chirpy Chips, and the usual balance changes and adjustments that fans have come to expect. For the full skinny on the patch notes, you can visit the official site for Nintendo of America. In short, there’s a lot here to keep players of all skill levels occupied as we wait for the big Octo Expansion DLC.

See you on the battlefield, Inklings!

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