Splatoon, Breath Of The Wild Writer Leaves Nintendo After 10 Years

It's never an easy thing to leave a cherished job, but after ten years of working at his dream job, Nintendo Lead localization writer Eric Smith has made the announcement on Twitter about his departure.

Before working for Nintendo, Eric Smith earned a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing at Washington State University in 2006. After earning his degree, Eric secured a job as a copywriter for Drugstore.com, working alongside graphic designers and photographers as a creative director, along with writing promotional emails and product descriptions for the company. This experience no doubt helped him to secure his dream job as a Nintendo Localization writer just a short two years later.

During his time at Nintendo, he provided voiceover for Nintendo characters in addition to  writing large portions of hit Nintendo titles included Splatoon, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Maker 2. Now, after what he calls "10 incredible years", Eric has decided to move on from his career as a writer and become a game designer.

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While many might wonder why he didn't simply request that Nintendo allow him to design games for them, the move makes a lot of sense given the fact that his creative aspirations may have been limited by what Nintendo was willing to produce. In doing this, Eric has a chance of giving others in a similar situation the confidence to leave what they consider their "dream jobs" for an even greater challenge and if he is successful, it will show others that hard work and dedication goes a long way.

Eric announced his departure from Nintendo on his official Twitter account and went on to quickly thank Nintendo and their staff for all the things that he learned and experience while working for the company. He stressed that the company didn't do anything to cause him to leave, stating that: "Nintendo is a great place to work—I have nothing but praise for the company as an employer, which is pretty remarkable after 10 years. If you love to write and enjoy making people laugh and/or cry, keep your eyes peeled for a Localization Writer job on Nintendo’s website."

He spoke about his time at Nintendo and referenced games he has worked on saying, "The Paper Mario series is one of the reasons I wanted to work at Nintendo in the first place, so being the lead writer on Paper Mario: Color Splash was a dream come true. I’m very proud of the writing in this game." Eric finished by saying he was going to pursue his next challenge as a game designer, though he didn't indicate when his first game title would be produced.

Those who are looking to leave their current employers can learn a lot from how Eric handled himself in the situation. It's clear he learned a lot from the Nintendo staff and it's nice to seem him give them praise the first chance he gets, indicating that he truly understands the impact they have had on his life, as well as his development as a creator.

Although the journey won't be easy, it's hard to imagine that Eric won't be successful in his next endeavor given what he has been able to accomplish so far. The best part? Eric now has a chance to pursue his other dream while also having the possibility of having his games released on Nintendo platforms.

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