Splatoon Fan Creates Convincing Trailer For An Adult Squid Mobile Game As April Fools' Prank

Mike Inel, a Youtube animator, created a detailed fake trailer for Splatoon Island, an adult mobile game with boat battles and squid romance.

The best April Fools' pranks are the one with a lot of effort put into them, and this one delivers. A fan with a creative mind and a lot of time on their hands created a fake trailer for a Splatoon mobile game where the squids aren't kids. That's already prank material enough, but the trailer went all-in, showing off believable gameplay based on the ink-shooting formula. It seems so ridiculous that it could actually be a real Nintendo game.

The trailer's creator is Mike Inel, a Youtuber known for using animation to explore various "what if" concepts of pop culture. His most recent work, an anime take on Disney's Zootopia, went viral for its astoundingly detailed recreation of the movie. For this year's April Fools' Day, he gave the world Splatoon Island.

The idea is that while the squid kids are playing around in the city, the adults take a tropical vacation. This sets the stage for a more aquatic take on typical Splatoon gameplay. There's still an emphasis on spreading your team's ink all over the stage, but Mike Inel cleverly puts a mobile spin on the concept. Now squids play a top-down volleyball-esque game in a pool. They also take to speedboats and use mounted ink guns to splatter each other's ships.

Splatoon's signature clothing customization is also there, only now it's all swimsuits. The whole setup feels vaguely reminiscent of Dead Or Alive Xtreme. Callie and Marie even show up in swimwear. Nintendo would never do a pure fan service game, but Splatoon Island definitely toes that uncomfortable line the same way Fire Emblem Heroes does.

The squid romance gets taken up a notch with a marriage proposal at the end. Remember, these are adult squids. Of course, that's also the point where it becomes 100% clear that this is a prank trailer. Despite that, Mike Inel deserves credit for his attention to detail. He puts in a SplatFest, even reimagining the gameplay with a nighttime theme the way Splatoon actually does. He creates new Squid idols that could believably be the faces of a new game.

Splatoon Island will almost certainly never exist. But this trailer makes a bizarrely convincing case for it.

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