Spoilers: Smash Bros. Ultimate Cutscenes Have Leaked Online

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been leaked out onto the Internet and spoilers abound as to the content of the game, mostly for the World of Light.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been leaked out onto the Internet and spoilers abound as to the content of the game, most notably for the World of Light mode.

All of the cutscenes present in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have now been leaked online, courtesy of a YouTuber named RIN GAMES.

We will be talking about spoilers from this point on. You have the weeping face of Pikachu to protect you from the spoilers below the drop, once you scroll past that crying Pokémon, you officially rescind your right to complain about being spoiled!

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Spoilers will be discussed from this point on!

We had previously reported that the World of Light mode is actually split across three different maps and has three different bosses. The World of Light is guarded by Galeem, who is the winged monster from the trailer who pulls a Thanos on the Smash Bros. universe, but there are two other huge world maps that will also be featured in the mode - the World of Dark, which is guarded by a creature called Darz, and the Final Map, which is guarded by a fusion of Galeem and Darz.

The leaked cutscenes have given us our first glimpse at Darz, who is a creature that appears to be made from plant-like tendrils with a large eye in the center.

The new cutscenes have suggested that there may be multiple endings to the World of Light mode, with the possibility of multiple ways to complete the story.

There are cutscenes showing Galeem being defeated (presumably by the player) allowing Darz to gain the upper hand and destroy it in battle. There is also a cutscene showing the opposite happening - Darz being overwhelmed by the player and destroyed by Galeem.

There is a final cutscene showing Galeem and Darz being defeated at the same time, which releases all of the spirits that have been trapped.

There is also a long character showcase among the cutscenes, which is presumably meant to be shown during the credits sequence.

These cutscenes suggest that there are multiple ways you can complete the World of Light mode, or that you may have to finish it several times in order to encounter the final boss battle and see the true ending.

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It's possible that you need to complete every challenge and collect every character before you can encounter the final boss and players who rush to the end will only get to battle Galeem or Darz on their own.

The World of Light mode is shaping up to have way more content than any of the fans expected and that the single-player mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will give players hours of enjoyment.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2019.

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