Spongebob "Confirmed" For Smash In Amazing Poster From Nickelodeon Artists

A poster made by Nickelodeon artists riffs on the idea of Nicktoons Super Smash Bros., finally putting Spongebob in a Smash scenario.

Who would've anticipated the iconic yellow sponge entering the Smash universe? But according to a poster recently shared by Nickelodeon Animation on Twitter, the idea isn't completely improbable. The poster, drawn by Nickelodeon animators @timpendergram and @kurtmysnyder, features an assortment of Nickelodeon's animated stars throughout the years cosplaying characters available in the Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.

The character who immediately sticks out is Spongebob who is fittingly dressed as everyone's favorite plumber. Some other noticeable characters include Danny Phantom as Luigi, CatDog as the Ice Climbers, Avatar Aang as a Mii, and Michelangelo as Bowser Jr.

Sadly, there are no Nickelodeon characters slated to appear in Ultimate as a DLC anytime soon. The poster, which was shared on September 27, was designed by the two animators in celebration of the studio's upcoming annual Smash Bros. tournament.

The animators, who are storyboard artists for Nick classics such as Spongebob Squarepants and Rugrats paid an impressive homage to the world-renowned series. Twitter seems to agree so as people discovered some clever character designs. For example, Gerald from Hey Arnold! is dressed as Pac-Man, referencing the show's pilot episode, Danny Phantom as fellow ghosthunter Luigi, and Aang as a Mii because they're both avatars (get it?).

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Folks on Twitter have reacted positively to the poster, with a handful of them elated that characters from obscure Nicktoons, such as El Tigre/Manny from El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera and XJ9/Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot. Some have decided to use this opportunity to create hilarious memes. Others have continued to study the poster, uncovering more and more easter eggs and witty references with every look.

Still, people can dream. And this idea sounds fun in theory. Who knows how execution will go, but if wonder man Masahiro Sakurai is behind the development, players can expect an amazing experience living out their wildest fantasies. Which is, of course, smacking Smash veterans with Spongebob's spatula. Or his karate gloves. Or better yet have Bikini Bottom appear as a stage. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Smash Bros.

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