Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Finally Gets Release Dates For Switch And PC

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy finally has a release date for Nintendo Switch and PC, and it's only a few days away.

Remakes and remasters are the order of the day in the video game industry - well, in pretty much all forms of media if we're honest, but we're here to focus on games. Currently, not a day goes past when we don't think about Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be released in early 2020. There was also a leak this week suggesting that 2D Disney classics Aladdin and The Lion King are getting HD remasters.

As much success as we expect all of the above to have, a pretty impressive precedent has already been set by those that have come before - namely Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. It could even be argued that Activision started the remaster trend via the remastering of the two trilogies.

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However, as we Nintendo Switch owners know all too well, most of the time we have to wait a little longer for highly-anticipated titles than everyone else. That was the case with Crash and is currently the case with Spyro. The release of the Reignited Trilogy has been promised on Switch and PC for a while, and we need wonder no longer about when it will arrive as we finally have an official date.

Activision dropped a brand new trailer for the game with the iconic purple dragon opening proceedings by saying "sorry I took so long." This is a good one, but an even better one is the release date, September 3, 2019, which means Switch and PC owners eager to relive their Spyro years have less than a week before they can do so. Could Activision not have told us this sooner?

In regard to Spyro on Switch, there is still a little controversy and confusion, which will be cleared up by this time next week. Exactly how much of the three games come with the cartridge. The small print suggests that it will only include the first game, and the other two will need to be downloaded afterward. Yes, it will be annoying if that's the case, but it does mean the game can be sold for a lower price at retail.

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