Squall Is Officially The Best Looking Guy In The Room In New Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Screenshot

Squall Final Fantasy Best Looking Meme Cover

Rinoa will no longer have to settle for a guy whose face is a pixelated mess, as a new screenshot of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has shown off the new character models by referencing a meme related to the original game.

Final Fantasy VIII attempted to use realistically proportioned character models in both battle scenes and on the field map. The fact that the game was released on the original PlayStation meant that the quality of the models wasn't always great, though they were considered to be stellar at the time. One popular meme that comments on the models in Final Fantasy VIII refer to a scene where Rinoa asks Squall to dance. Rinoa says "You're the best-looking guy here," even though Squall's face is a pixelated mess.

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is an upcoming remaster of the game that is upgrading all of the character models to an extent which has yet to be seen in any of the remasters of the original PlayStation Final Fantasy titles. The official Final Fantasy Twitter account is showing off these new character models with a screenshot of the famous "best-looking guy" scene, with Squall now possessing a much nicer character model.

Final Fantasy VIII was ignored for a long time by Square Enix, as the company was seemingly remastering every game before Final Fantasy XIII except for the one involving Squall. It seems that Square Enix is making up for lost time with Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, as all of the character models are being replaced with higher-quality figures, which has involved improving the hair or each character and animating parts of the weapons, such as the barrel of Squall's gunblades.

Square Enix will be busy making games for the Final Fantasy VII Remake series over the next few years, which suggests that fans will be waiting a while for a remake of Final Fantasy VIII, but the fact that so much work is going into Final Fantasy VIII Remastered means that they will have something to tide them over until the day when Squall and his friends officially return.

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