Square Enix’s 10 Best RPGs (That Are Not Final Fantasy)

Square Enix has a faithful following all over the world for its Final Fantasy series, but they're not the only games the team has developed. There are a lot of other great Square Enix games that get overshadowed by Final Fantasy, including some other RPGs.

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It's time to take a look at some of the company's other RPGs. The ones that weren't part of their biggest franchise, and so probably didn't get the same sort of advertising budget. RPG fans are sure to adore them all the same.

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10 The World Ends With You

Originally developed for the Nintendo DS, this RPG eventually found its way onto the Switch for any modern gamers looking to give it a go. The World Ends With You found a perfect home on the Nintendo DS, because it allowed the developers a chance to utilize the handheld's interesting design.

The player is forced to use both screens in combat, perform actions with the touchscreen, and even shout into the microphone attached to the console at certain points. It was an odd, niche little game, but fans in the know still rhapsodize about it.

9 Kingdom Hearts

If Final Fantasy is Square Enix's most famous series of games, then Kingdom Hearts is definitely a close second. The combination of Disney worlds and Final Fantasy characters was a winning one, to the point where every new release in the series has become a major worldwide event.

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Sure, people make fun of how convoluted the story is all the time, but that doesn't change the fact that millions of people love it. Even if the story isn't interesting to the player, they will definitely find the combat to be their taste if they give it a go.

8 Dragon Quest XI

The Dragon Quest series has been going for a very long time so some may want to start from the beginning. At the same time, those who don't have the patience can just skip straight to the most recent one. Many consider it to be the best entry into the series, and some even think it is better than what Final Fantasy has to offer.

For those players that are sick and tired of random encounters, every enemy is shown on the map in Dragon Quest XI so they can be avoided at all costs if that's what people want to do!

7 Sigma Harmonics

Even more interesting and experimental than The World Ends With You, this game follows two friends as they travel through time. They're attempting to change the past, which can sometimes lead to murders in the future (which they then have to solve). Players hold the Nintendo DS like a book, and the story is told through a series of illustrations.

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People have to be careful about how they attempt to solve the murders, as any guessing will lead to harder bosses in the future. The whole thing is a fascinating look at what games can be when developers decide to do something different.

6 The Last Remnant

While it may look similar to Final Fantasy on the surface, players will be able to see the difference in The Last Remnant once they get into a battle. Rather than moving a single character at a time, you move and attack with units. The way the protagonists are grouped together creates much more tactical play than people are used to seeing in RPGs.

If anyone does decide to play this game, they should get the far superior version on the PC, or even the remaster on the PS4. The Xbox 360 version suffers from graphical bugs.

5 Front Mission 4

Despite the fact that this is the fourth in the series, players shouldn't worry, as each game tells its own self-contained story. In this game, two main characters are sent to investigate an unprovoked attack between the various superpowers that are competing for the world's limited resources.

Set in the late 21st Century, this is a game that will offer the player an interesting narrative and enjoyable gameplay. It's a really great RPG that sadly very few people have played.

4 Octopath Traveler

Whoever chooses to play this game will find a combat system similar to that of the classic Final Fantasy games. This game is less about the gameplay mechanics and more about the narrative options it lays out for the player.

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When the game is started, the player will choose from one of eight different characters. They all come from different places in the game's universe, have their own backstory, and will develop differently. All of this gives Octopath Traveler great replay value.

3 Code Age Commanders: Tsugu Mono Tsuga Reru Mono

Even Final Fantasy fans would have to admit that, despite the minor changes that have been implemented over the course of the series, it likes to stick with what is successful. Still, games like this prove that Square Enix definitely has an experimental side.

The narrative follows people that live in an entirely fictional world, one that is filled with warped creatures. There are also warring factions thrown into the mix for the player to deal with. The player will follow the story of four different characters, moving onto somebody new once the previous character has completed their arc.

2 Rise Of Mana

The Mana series is one that many people are aware of, as they played the Secret Of Mana game when they were younger. However, what a lot of people don't know is that it actually started out as a Final Fantasy spin-off. Square Enix dropped this after the first game and made it its own series, with one of the more recent installments being Rise Of Mana.

One of the main differences between Secret Of Mana and Final Fantasy is the gameplay mechanics. The Mana series has an action-based battle system, which some gamers may enjoy more than the slower combat seen in most Final Fantasy games.

1 SaGa: Scarlet Grace

This game is perfect for players who like something that messes with the standard formula. While the turn-based combat system will be familiar to anyone that has played an RPG before, the story is something completely different.

It contains four different main characters, boasting narratives that interweave with one another. Depending on which quests the player undertakes and which they leave behind, the narrative of the game as a whole will be different for everyone who plays.

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