Square Enix Displaying Replicas Of Costume Redesigns From Marvel's Avengers At SDCC

Square Enix is showing off real-life versions of the Marvel's Avengers game costumes at SDCC, and it's not helping.

It turns out real-life versions of the controversial Avengers costumes from Square Enix's upcoming video game exist. They're on display at San Diego Comic-Con. Since they're made of actual materials and can be viewed up-close, we can take a more objective look at them. The results, unfortunately, don't seem to be mind-changing.

A quick refresher: E3 2019 saw the reveal of the much-anticipated Square Enix Avengers game. We learned that it's actually called Marvel's Avengers (not A-Day, that was just the trailer's name). We also learned that it will be an... action RPG? We're still not sure, as most details were reserved for more important press outlets who saw the game behind closed doors. All the public got was a tease of the game's story and costume designs that proved controversial at best.

Too silly to be completely movie-inspired, but also too realistic to be comic booky, these costumes left many of the game's followers underwhelmed. TheGamer actually encountered the real-life replicas at E3, where they were displayed at Square Enix's booth. Even there, the execution wasn't exactly striking. Take a look at this plastic-looking Iron Man.

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It may seem like a poor move on Square Enix's part, brazenly displaying the very costumes that drew the ire of fans. They can be forgiven, however, when you remember that the E3 display was prepared well ahead of time. How could anyone know reaction would be so negative? By the time the trailer aired, the mannequins were already set up.

Now, however, these same costumes are on display at SDCC.

via: Inverse.com

Granted it looks better here, because the folks at Inverse probably have better equipment and photography skills than I do. Still, there's a certain hollow, plastic feel to this Iron Man design. We know, sadly, that these designs will not be changed. They will be "improved." Whatever that means.

Still, if you're at SDCC and want to judge for yourself, head to the Square Enix booth. Make sure to take note of Cap's giant knee pads and Bruce Banner's totally official lab coat.

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