Square Enix Has Completely Ignored Final Fantasy VIII's 20th Birthday

Square Enix has been treating Final Fantasy VIII like the unwanted child of the Final Fantasy family for a while now, to the point where they have ignored any kind of upscaled port, despite giving that treatment to both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX.

The disrespect towards Final Fantasy VIII continues in the form of Square Enix totally ignoring the game's 20th anniversary on its social media channels. Final Fantasy VIII was released on February 11th, 1999, which made Monday the 20th anniversary of the game. Websites all over the world celebrated Final Fantasy VIII, yet Square Enix neglected to show Squall or the members of SeeD any love on Twitter.

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The official Square Enix Twitter account has spent the past 24 hours shilling Left Alive and the Nintendo Switch/Xbox One ports of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, which they did with the picture of the cringy laughing scene from Final Fantasy X. 

The official Square Enix Europe Twitter account hasn't had any updates since February 7th.

The Square Enix USA official Twitter account has only been reposting content from different Twitter accounts for the past few days, mostly promoting Kingdom Hearts 3. 

The official Square Enix Members Community Twitter also ignored any mention of Final Fantasy VIII. 

The official Square Enix Products Twitter account also ignored Final Fantasy VIII and missed the chance to promote some merchandise from the game.

So, why has Square Enix been ignoring Final Fantasy VIII? Would it really have been so hard for a few posts celebrating the success of such a beloved game to be uploaded to Twitter? 

There have been people at Square Enix (such as Takashi Katano) who have stated that a full remake of Final Fantasy VIII is on the cards in the future, following the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is currently still in development. Square Enix has refused to create any kind of upscaled port of the game, even though games like Final Fantasy IX and Crystal Chronicles have received the same kind of treatment.

Squall Leonhart has appeared in several Final Fantasy crossover games, yet his own game never gets any respect. It makes us wonder if Square Enix wants the audience to forget the game ever existed until they are ready for a full remake.

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