Square Enix's Next Game Is The "Last Idea" (Which Is Totally Not The Same Thing As A Final Fantasy)

Square Enix has a new game in development and its name may sound familiar, as the title is Last Idea, which seems remarkably similar to Final Fantasy.

The identity of the Last Idea was revealed (via. Gematsu) when a trademark application for the name was filed by Square Enix in November, with an official Twitter account for the Last Idea being registered at the same time.

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The official Twitter page for the Last Idea has now been updated with a primitive logo and a message confirming that the game is being developed by Square Enix. The Last Idea page also follows the page for @umaiyo_puyoman, who is a prominent artist for smartphone games, which suggests that Last Idea will also be a game released for mobile devices. 

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The fact that the name of the Last Idea is so similar to that of Final Fantasy may mean that the game is a parody title, but it's hard to imagine Square Enix being that self-aware about their products and the criticisms levied towards them.

Hironobu Sakaguchi (the creator of the Final Fantasy series) has also used a similar sounding title for one of his games in the past, as he developed a game for the Nintendo Wii called The Last Story, which was made after his departure from Square Enix when he formed a new company called Mistwalker.

It's too early to say what kind of game Last Idea will be, as we only have a title and a logo with a picture of a blue crystal to work from. It will most likely be a smartphone game based on the Twitter page following the artist, but it's impossible to say for sure right now.

via: twitter.com/LASTIDEA_RPG

Square Enix jumped on the mobile games market quicker than any of the other major third-party developers and they have had no problem pimping out their biggest franchises and turning them into smartphone games. The Final Fantasy smartphone games have had a polarizing reception to say the least, with Final Fantasy All the Bravest often regarded as the worst game in the series.

Square Enix has learned a great deal from the failings of All the Bravest and their more recent smartphone games have been of a much higher quality, so we can still be hopeful that Last Idea can be a good game.

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