Google Recommends Not Using WiFi Or Watching Netflix While Playing Stadia

Does your family want to watch Netflix, or use the WiFi for any reason? According to Google, the only reasonable act is to exile those leeches.

Are you ready to jump into the future of video gaming with the new Google Stadia? The first step is to banish all family and loved ones from your home where they might be tempted to use the internet for any reason other than your precious Stadia gameplay. Do they want to watch Netflix, or use the WiFi for any reason? According to Google, the only reasonable act is to exile those leeches.

Google has sent its users a list of what it considers essential steps to create the best possible experience with the Stadia. Many of the steps are reasonable, including using an Ethernet cable for a wired connection between the Chromecast and the router, using a 5Ghz WiFi connection instead of 2.4 Ghz, and finally, “For the best performance, don’t stream movies or music to other devices in other parts of the house while playing games on Stadia. It can slow things down.”

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Via: cnn.com

At its core, the Stadia is a wonderful concept born decades before most of the world has the appropriate infrastructure to benefit from its design. These instructions reinforce the idea that the Stadia is best suited for users who have fast internet connections and unlimited data plans, and who live alone without the potential for others to eat into their gameplay connection.

However, for those who do have parents, siblings, partners, and children of their own, the idea of coordinating everyone to not use the internet for music of video streaming is an unlikely reality. The consequences of sharing the network while trying to use the Stadia will not prevent users from playing their games, but those lofty promises of crisp, 4K resolutions will look far from ideal.

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In addition, we have already made the case here at TheGamer that the Stadia is problematic not only for those without the best internet, but with data caps created by ISPs. This idea of not running anything but a Stadia in a household is simply one more ridiculous condition users need to meet in order to experience games they can already purchase elsewhere, often for far cheaper.

Still, the Stadia is reaching people now as orders are fulfilled, and we will soon have a far more accurate point from which to examine the success of failure of Google’s gambit. Even it is falls completely flat, we still have Microsoft chugging along with what looks to be a superior xCloud gaming project.

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