Star Citizen Adds American Sign Language Emotes, So ASL Speakers Can Call You On Your BS

Star Citizen Adds American Sign Language Emotes, So ASL Speakers Can Call You On Your BS

Star Citizen is adding American Sign Language emotes to the game so that ASL speakers can troll you with sign language.

According to the Star Citizen roadmap, the game will not see a release any time this year. And probably not next year either, judging by the extremely length development of what is easily the most ambitious game ever conceived.

In case you haven’t heard, Star Citizen is a space simulation MMO game unlike any other. It combines the go anywhere, do anything feel of No Man’s Sky with the massive space combat of Freelancer or Eve Online. You can be anything, from a fighter pilot to a trader to a space pirate, and you can literally go and interact with anything in this simulated universe.

Maybe. The big caveat is that Star Citizen started as a crowd-funded game back in 2011 with absolutely no end in sight. The game was initially supposed to launch in 2014, but then that got pushed back as developer Cloud Imperium Games kept adding more and more features.

There’s a concept called “feature creep” in software design, and boy howdy, Star Citizen has it big time.

However, not every new feature added to the game is something to deplore. For example, the developers went out of their way to include Americana Sign Language emotes for Star Citizen backers who are hearing impaired.

It almost makes up for the fact they went 8 years without bothering to add any female avatars.

In their latest YouTube update (and yes, Star Citizen is a game that requires regular cable news broadcast-style updates to keep its many backers from open revolt), the developers revealed that they’re working on updating the game’s animations. Most of it has to do with fixing bizarre bugs when moving boxes, but some of it has to do with adding new emotes that feature ASL.

To do it, Star Citizen’s devs conscripted the help of an ASL-speaking backer to do some motion capture work. The end product received the seal of approval from another hearing impaired developer on the team that said they could understand every word being spoken through sign language.

Now if only they could release an actual game before the end of the decade. Ah well.


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