• This year’s San Diego Comic-Con announced more Star Trek related content that we’ve seen in years, including the animated show Lower Decks. 1 / 9

  • From writer Mike McMahon, most recently known for his work in Rick & Morty, the show is described as being all about families. 2 / 9

  • Although the show is set within the Star Trek universe, comedy is at its core without making fun of the long-running series. 3 / 9

  • Instead, the comedy comes in the form of examining the lives and happenings of four unimportant ensigns on a generally unimportant ship. 4 / 9

  • This makes the show sound a bit like The Orville in its first season. 5 / 9

  • The show is set in the year 2380, right after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, which was the final film for The Next Generation series. 6 / 9

  • Lower Decks seems to be a perfect show for those who want more things related to Star Trek, and likely a good starting point for those unfamiliar with Star Trek thanks to its comedic atmosphere 7 / 9

  • Lower Decks will be released onto CBS All Access in 2020. 8 / 9

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