Star Wars: Battlefront 2: 10 Tips To Dominating In Capital Supremacy

Although EA has frequently run into serious friction with many consumers, their 2017 reboot of the classic game Star Wars: Battlefront II has undergone considerable changes since launch. They removed pay-to-play, added more campaign material, and increased the roster of playable heroes. Regardless of past transgressions and countless bugs, there is one constant: that galaxy far, far away is an addictive place to visit.

Since the game often goes on sale now, there’s probably far more newcomers, and they’ll find that most multiplayer modes have lost population to the newest update—Capital Supremacy. It’s a ruthless tug-of-war that tests your patience and hands, so here are some tips to make sure you’re the bigger fish.

10 Stay Classy

The objective of Capital Supremacy is to capture Command Posts until your team is allowed to board the enemy, and then fight to destroy their ship from the inside. The two settings play very differently, and out of all three available maps, only Kamino remains consistently close-quarters.

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The Officer is an ideal support character for open areas, since his high-damage S-5 gun can equip dual zoom, and his squad shield is an excellent escape while crossing vulnerable terrain. He can also boost the health of nearby heroes, who are invaluable in this mode. Infiltrators aren’t as useful as they seem, although they can earn an extra combat roll. Heavies are good for resisting heroes and AATs, given their extra health and Sentry.

9 I Need A Hero

Offering only setting-appropriate heroes has created quite a conundrum in this mode. Anakin is significantly stronger here, and villains do not have access to their best players. With fewer available heroes, you are far less likely to acquire one. So, stop saving your battle points, and resort to spamming Enforcer and Aerial classes. That’s a good way to build battle points anyhow.

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But if too many players wait for a hero, the enemy can quickly take advantage, due to the spread out objectives. However, if a hero miraculously becomes available—because someone, somehow, lost their ridiculous kill streak—play cautiously, sticking with allies to assist their charge, or opposing a single enemy hero wherever they’re causing a dent in your team. Sometimes, your mere presence can scare off another hero who is already weakened.

8 Disturbing Lack Of Faith

The team’s heroes may seem juiced up, but it’s really quite easy for them to be overwhelmed by incoming fire when many of them require close-quarters combat to be effective. Do not cower in fear of the enemy’s heroes, if you see your own struggling in a 1-on-1 bout.

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Remember, the goal is to win, not to simply survive. Providing just one little distraction might actually give your hero the upper hand, and every tiny hit against a hero adds up. When the enemy hero inevitably advances upon you, it’s helpful to roll straight towards a lightsaber. They don’t expect it, and it turns them around. Running away will invariably get you diced in half; which isn’t as tolerable as Maul would have you believe.

7 The Rebel Alliance Sticks Together

It may go without saying, but stick together. It’s surprising how many players often disregard their teammates, let alone their squad, thinking they’re Halo’s Master Chief. Particularly in this mode, which amounts to King of the Hill, sheer force is usually enough to power through to victory. Just like tug-of-war, it’s a matter of strength, more so than strategy. Also, on Geonosis and the Capital Ships, it can be easy to become lost at first. So, if you’re just jumping in, teammates who are already familiarized with the map can help teach you the layout.

6 Run Through The Jungle

There are two different approaches for the beginning of the match, when it comes to pursuing Command Posts. Both can be effective, and a judgment call will have to be made based on the rest of the team’s decisions, and the map at hand.

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Firstly, there is the linear habit of finding the nearest Command Posts to you, one after the other, absorbing the easy battle points early on in order to quickly jump in as an Enforcer or Aerial class. The other is to race towards the enemy head on, claiming as much ground as possible and then fighting for the center of the map. If absolutely no one is doing this, it's your responsibility to get on it.

5 Hold The Door

The spawning in Capital Supremacy can result in opportunities for the enemy to circle back around and steal Command Posts that were already captured. It may seem like a lost cause for them, but it’s actually possible for a sturdy team to get back on their feet if no one is watching the posts that are already captured. From time to time, wherever applicable, check on previously captured Command Posts. Those AI robots aren’t reliable enough, although if droids could think, there’d be none of us here. Sometimes, it can also be good practice to simply stick around after capturing a new one, depending on its positional advantage. If you’re deep enough, the enemy will come to you, repeatedly. However, if your team does not have majority strongholds, keep pushing forward.

4 Do Or Do Not

The Gunships are a neat addition, and they offer just as many battle points as a captured Command Post. Boarding a Gunship really can be useful, to get your hands on a hero or Enforcer. These games can last so long, at some point battle points become a non-issue, but for every person that boards the Gunship, you’ll have an extra spawn to attack the enemy’s Capital Ship. Officers should spam the area with squad shields. Instead of boarding yourself, it can also be useful to provide cover for your teammates against the countless enemies that will descend upon the Gunship. It’s a good way to increase your K/D ratio, anyhow. The Gunships are often vulnerable, so the enemy reveals themselves to take advantage.

3 Flying Is For Droids

Once boarding the enemy Capital Ship, try to cover as much ground as quickly as possible—as a united charge. On the Separatist Dreadnought, if everyone leans into one of the doors, it will probably yield, and you’ll lose fewer tickets. It is always best to give the enemy as little time as possible to secure a defensive position. Remember to spam the second-tier window with rockets, because the snipers up there will absolutely lay waste to those below, and few players seem to notice. Boarding the Republic Venator, you have even less cover. Use the Infiltrator’s smoke bombs, and with the Assault class, deny camping enemies at the far side with the “Acid Launcher”.

2 Always On The Move

On Kashyyyk, the Command Posts are farther apart, so you will have to cover more ground between firefights. Geonosis generally provides less cover. The Aerial class is best to combat these disadvantages, but so are snipers. On that note, try not to make a bee line for your destination. Instead, roll frequently and move in a zig-zag pattern, unless you want to recreate that C-3PO gag from your favorite Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. As a hero, it can be effective to swiftly move from one Command Post to the next, since the team earns points for holding the majority of the posts. If you are a sniper, don’t stay put. Kill a few people, then find another nest, because you will get spotted. Regardless of your class, hang back for a moment if your entire squad’s dead. No one likes spawning on Default.

1 You Were My Brother

With four abilities, and abundant health—before the Officers and Yoda give him the maximum increase—Anakin might seem like a locomotive. With the reduced heroes, he is even stronger by comparison. Players often claim insane kill streaks with him, but don't be intimidated. That's how he sticks around so long. Treat him like any other hero—keep your distance, stick with teammates, and use overwhelming fire. Spam with Flash Grenades, Stinger Pistols, and Sentries. If you're ambushed, do not shoot him while he's winding up for Heroic Might. Everyone knows it, but few actually avoid this mistake. You probably won't kill him before the release, no matter how low his health seems. As a hero, lure him into your allies. People feel invulnerable when they're Anakin, and they will always give chase. Give that sand-hating whiner the high ground treatment.

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