Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets First Nude Leia Mod

Leia can be nude in Star Wars Battlefront 2 thanks to this mod. You're welcome.


So there’s a nude Leia mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 now.

Frankly, we’re surprised it took as long as it did for someone to figure out how to get Leia’s clothes off. Star Wars Battlefront 2 first came out in 2017 to a bit of a rocky start, what with the whole horrendous monetization program and excessive bugs. Two years and one soft reboot later, and Battlefront 2 has a pretty loyal following of Stars Wars fans.

And now it has a nude Leia mod. Why did it take so long to remove Leia’s clothes? Apparently Battlefront 2 was an exceptionally hard game for modders to crack. But crack it they did, and thus, Leia has no clothes.

via Nexus Mods

Uploaded to Nexus Mods courtesy of user “ImSorryHan,” which is apparently not their real name, comes a mod that removes the articles that each of Leia’s skins are wearing. This means you can get Leia in tight-bunned Episode IV style, less tight but still wrapped-up Episode V style, or more business casual Episode VI stye.

One skin this does not work for is Boushh, sadly. We’re sure a lot of you wanted to see naked Carrie Fisher with a rebreather, but sadly, that just wasn’t in the cards.

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Each skin can come in two versions. The first adds a stylish neck scarf that covers the seam where the body meets the head. Apparently the neck doesn’t quite align with the torso, so there’s a bit of a gap. This is normally not a problem since there is clothing covering it up, but this mod sort of unearths that developer oversight.

nude Leia
via Nexus Mods

The other eschews the neck scarf and just leaves everything au naturale for when you don’t really care if your Leia’s head is actually attached to her body.

There are a few bugs, most notably the Endor hair occasionally being replaced by Hoth hair and vice-versa, but that’s the price you pay for Leia in all her glory. There’s also a naked Rey skin available too, but Leia is the true first love of every Star Wars fan.

(Source: Nexus Mods via DSOGaming)

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