12 Minutes Of Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay

What appears to be 12 minutes of leaked gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has leaked on YouTube mere hours before the official EA Play reveal event. Update: the footage has been taken down by EA, but official footage will likely be available soon.

The video appears to be of pre-alpha footage for the game and takes place amid the Separatist assault on the planet Naboo during the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

The video starts with the player taking the side of the Separatists and selecting Darth Maul as the character. He looks exactly as he did in The Phantom Menace, using his double-ended lightsaber to take down numerous Republic clone troopers. His abilities are listed as Spin Attack, which performs a namesake spin of his lightsaber, Choke Hold, which allows him to force-choke and grab opponents, and Furious Throw, which allows Maul to toss troublesome players to the side.


Next up the gameplay switches to the Republic side, where surprisingly the player is able to select Rey as the Jedi hero. The map is still on the Separatist assault of Naboo, so obviously the pre-alpha is not following any sort of canonical history to Star Wars. Rey looks just as she did in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and she also has 3 abilities: Insight, Dash Strike, and Mind Trick.

She is eventually taken down by Separatist droids, and then gameplay switches to the third character: Boba Fett. Again, Boba didn’t enter the Star Wars universe until The Empire Strikes Back, so the game is just throwing characters from the larger universe into a delightful Naboo brawl. He has the ability to fly for short periods, owing to his jetpack, and a more ordinance-oriented set of special abilities along with a burst-fire blaster.

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If you look closely you’ll notice there are other hero characters available, such as Han Solo, and the pre-order bonus has already confirmed Kylo Ren as another. Along with hero characters will be various troopers, ranging from Assault Droids to Clone Jump Troopers.

It certainly looked like a gorgeous game, with falling leaves and birds giving a delightful background to the intense combat happening in the Naboo palace assault. At one point Darth Maul is seen being strafed by a Naboo fighter, and the explosions and sound effects all seemed top notch.

EA has been mum on the date for a multiplayer beta, stating only that it will be sometime this Fall, but they have released details of an expected launch date as well as pre-order goodies for those itching to get their Star Wars on. Battle Front 2 is set to launch November 17, and those pre-order goodies seem to tie-in mostly with the newest Star Wars movie in production, The Last Jedi. Skins for Kylo and Rey from the movie, as well as special abilities, will come standard issue with the pre-order, as well as powerful “epic ability modifiers”.

You can get the full details and pre-order the game yourself at the Star Wars: Battle Front 2 website.

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