Star Wars Battlefront 2 Features Naboo Map

On the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, a teaser image of Naboo was shared. The image is of Theed, the capital city of Naboo from the Star Wars prequel trilogy, slated to be a multiplayer map in Battlefront II. The map, called "Assault on Theed" will be showcased this Saturday at E3 at 1pm PT. Part of the showcase will consist of a livestream of a 20 v 20 multiplayer game.

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While we lack many of the specifics about the map, given the image itself, which features Trade Federation Dropship Transports, it's likely that the it will take place during the prequel timeline, perhaps during the Trade Federation's takeover of the Naboo capital.

The image shows Theed, which is built on a cliff over a large river, in flames. The Royal Palace is visible, as well as a hangar for the Naboo star fighters in the foreground. The press conference, which will explain more about the map, and Battlefront II in general, begins an hour before the showcase, at 12pm PT. This will, presumably, be when they release the long-awaited second game play trailer.

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What we know so far about the game is that it is addressing several criticisms of its predecessor, including a single-player campaign. The campaign will, interestingly, follow the Empire after the Battle of Endor, and an elite stormtrooper fire squad led by Iden Versio, a female trooper on her quest to avenge the death of the Emperor. The story mode in the reveal trailer can be viewed here. Moreover, the multiplayer mode will feature characters and factions from across the three Star Wars timelines - prequels, originals, and the new timeline.

There was another significant announcement from the developers: the game would not be featuring a season pass. The inclusion of a season pass in the previous title in the series was widely criticized as taking advantage of players eager for more content. We do not yet know what is going to replace the season pass in terms of feature content. If EA seeks to maintain hype after the launch, they are likely to show more specifics about the single-player storyline as well as more multiplayer maps from across three timelines at E3. That will sustain the interest in the game onto the fall and its November 17th, 2017 release date.

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