Star Wars Battlefront 3 Isn't Happening Anytime Soon

Gamers who are looking forward to the next installment from the Star Wars Battlefront series are likely to be sorely disappointed as Star Wars Battlefront 3 isn't nearly on the horizon.

That is according to DICE design director Dennis Brännvall, who says that the hunger over sequels is no longer what it used to be.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched with multiple issues but they were sorted out for the most part. With fixes came a larger player base and events such as the tie-ins to Solo, The Last Jedi, and The Clone Wars made it so that Star Wars fans from all generations could find their share of contentment.

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The team at DICE has been providing support for Battlefront 2 for over a year but Brännvall says that a sequel is not being worked on at the moment, implying that the project probably won't be undertaken anytime soon.

"Sequels are probably still viable otherwise people wouldn't be doing them, but it's not the same hunger as it used to be," he told PCGamesN. "We were so used to the chain of sequels, where we do a sequel then we do a season pass for a year then move onto the next game. I think the industry has changed on that… before it was very transactional and we made the game and we signed up for 4 DLCs and then that's it. This time around we're not doing it that way.

"You'll see us really overhauling bits that aren’t working and not be afraid of changing things, which means that your community is happier because it's a better game overall. If we’d been working on the sequel and it was just some paid season pass, that would’ve been 'ok we’re not doing that for the sequel but we're not gonna change it.'"

So it appears that the focus is on continuously updating Battlefront 2 with relevant content. A recent one came in the form of the alteration to the way spawning works in the game. Players can now spawn on their teammates in what is a direct response to gamers asking for the title to be more team-oriented.

This is all a bit disappointing but at least the game will keep getting improvements and will continue to be stuffed with content. If it's any consolation, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be released on November 15 this year.

Source: PCGamesN

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