Star Wars: Battlefront II Update Finally Lets Yoda Block With His Lightsaber

Following an update to Star Wars: Battlefront II, the legendary Jedi is now able to block attacks with his lightsaber, and so will Darth Maul.

Block with his lightsaber, Yoda can now. Following an update to Star Wars: Battlefront II, the legendary Jedi is now able to block attacks with his lightsaber, and so will Darth Maul.

The game released in November of 2017. Until now, Yoda was unable to fend off attacks with his lightsaber. Considering Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were both able to block from inception, it was quite ridiculous that the Jedi master who trained them couldn't.

Well, the day has finally come. The update, which adds a new costume for Princess Leia and takes the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk to Capital Supremacy mode, has also handed Yoda that ability he so desperately needed, while Darth Maul has seen weapon blocking bestowed upon him too.

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Of course, players weren't at all impressed by Yoda and Maul's inability to block attacks, with many wondering why he could only use the force to defend himself from energy attacks instead of being able to parry too.

via forbes.com“Blocking is a STANDARD for lightsaber heroes,” Kwamster9000 posted in the Battlefront II forum back in February. “This is the first Star Wars game I’ve ever played or heard of where someone in the game with a lightsaber couldn’t block. It makes no sense.”

EA has finally been moved enough by the cries of the multitude and has made blocking a part of both Yoda and Maul's repertoires, with the former retaining his ability to absorb blaster bolts and lighting, while Maul will be able to use his lightsaber to rebuff them.

“After much discussion and tweaking, as well as a healthy amount of player feedback, we’ve added blocking for Yoda and Darth Maul!” EA community manager Jay Ingram posted in the online forum. “Yoda still has the ability to absorb blaster bolts and lightning, but he’ll use his lightsaber to defend against lightsaber attacks. Darth Maul will use his lightsaber for both.”

The patch has also buffed Yoda's legs, blessing him with the ability to jump higher. So, too strong, he might be now - but it's only fair.

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