25 Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Parents

Becoming a parent changes everything. Suddenly it's not just about you anymore. Now there is another being who is wholly dependent upon you, not just for food and shelter, but also love, support, protection, discipline, education, and almost literally everything. To say it's a huge responsibility is simplifying things. It is arguably the biggest event that will ever happen in your entire life.

There aren't a lot of kids in the Star Wars movies. Basically, there's Ani's friends in The Phantom Menace and the kids of Canto Bight in The Last Jedi. That's about it. The Star Wars movies, as the name suggests, are about the battle over the fate of the universe, and war is no place for a child. So to see our favorite characters from the films reimagined as parents is a hugely novel (and incredibly sweet) thing.

We love Luke, Rey, Anakin, Obi-wan, and all these amazing characters, because they seem real and we feel we know them. After all, we've been with them for about 40 years now. Yet their parental side is something we've never seen at all. Even with Han and Leia, the only characters who managed to raise a child (and have it remain canon, anyway), we don't get to witness any of it. We just see Return of the Jedi end and The Force Awakens begin, and Kylo Ren has already gone evil.

Well, now's the time to make up for all of that. Enjoy these Star Wars moms and dads.

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25 Daddy Vader

Via the-brave-kitten.deviantart.com

Darth Vader is the most fun Star Wars character to imagine as a parent, at least if you're judging by the amount of fan art. At the end of Return of the Sith, he drags himself from that lava pit and, believing that Padme and her child have perished, and assumes a place by Emperor Palpatine's side. But what if that narrative had gone a bit differently? What if he had learned the truth about Luke and Leia and decided to become the kind of father they need? The end result is one of the galaxy's most feared villains changing diapers and reading bedtime stories. Of course, I imagine that the Force would come in really handy while you're raising kids. *Force lifts both twins into the corner for Time Out*

Art by The-Brave-Kitten.

24 Rebel, Rebel

Via jedimasterepicsause.deviantart.com

The Star Wars films are pretty stingy with their strong female characters. In the prequel and original trilogies, we've got Padme, Leia, and...*crickets*. While Disney is still trying to address that imbalance in the new Star Wars movies, one of the greatest success stories of the EU is that of Ahsoka. Unless you've watched The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels, you probably have no idea who this is.

Ahsoka was assigned to Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice.

Initially, her character was seen as annoying, but as time went on, she became one of the strongest, most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars universe. Ahsoka was expelled from the Jedi Order in The Clone Wars, which is the explanation for why she doesn't appear in Return of the Sith. George Lucas has said that he believes she survived Order 66. Hopefully, that's true, because I love this idea of her.

Art by JediMasterEpicSause.

23 Nerf Herder

Via mind-exchange.com

When we first meet Han Solo in A New Hope, he is not a nice guy (as evidenced by the fact that he, not Greedo, shot first, no matter what George Lucas would have you believe in the Special Edition). But through many adventures and three films, he is transformed into a kind, loyal, decidedly non-scoundrel (which is why I hate the depiction of him in The Force Awakens, but I digress).

Everyone always assumed that Han and Leia stayed together after Return of the Jedi. In fact, it was a key point in the old EU...*ahem* Star Wars Legends. Disney at least kept that part, but they didn't give us any of the good stuff. For example, Han putting a sleepy Ben to bed after a long day of fighting make-believe wampas.

22 Baby Fett

Via skira-reed.deviantart.com

Most people just know Boba Fett as the super cool bounty hunter that meets an untimely end in the bowels of the Sarlaac. Or perhaps as the normally-growing clone boy from Attack of the Clones. But just hang on a second, because I'm going to give you some backstory you never asked for.

Boba Fett is from the planet Mandalore, the residents of which are known for their distinctive armor.

In the old EU, the Mandalorians sided with the Sith against the Jedi, and as a result, their planet was reduced to uninhabitable desert. Nevertheless, they are warriors who frequently find employment as mercenaries and bounty hunters. And even bounty hunters still settle down to have a family. But I'm guessing it's best not to pick on their kid at the playground.

Art by Skira-Reed.

21 Stardust

Via sbi96.deviantart.com

The poor Erso family. Like so many others who ran afoul of the Empire, at the beginning of Rebel One, we see Mrs. Erso blasted down, Galen Erso taken prisoner, and little Jyn abandoned for her own safety. Galen would see his beloved Stardust (his nickname for her) only once more, and Jyn would end up sacrificing herself to make sure that the flaw her father built into the Death Star was made known to the Rebellion.

All of that makes for a great movie, but it's really a giant bummer. So let's forget it all for a second and focus on the before. Before the Empire came knocking with their demands and their blasters. Back when Jyn had her parents and all was right with her world. I'm sure it's the vision of themselves that they like best.

Art by Sbi96.

20 Tell Me A Story

Via wolfanita.deviantart.com

Okay, so Luke isn't the parent in this one; he's the uncle. But it's still a precious image. Little Ben, son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, on the knee of the last surviving Jedi, begging for a bedtime story starring Grandpa Anakin.

It's so absurdly cute! Unless you know what comes next.

If you haven't seen The Force Awakens yet, skip to the next entry. But if you have, you know that little Ben becomes obsessed with Darth Vader, changes his name to Kylo Ren, and goes through one heck of an emo phase. And his last encounter with Han? I just...I can't. Ben would've found out about Darth Vader sooner or later, but maybe Luke could've rephrased those first bedtime stories to have a little less impact. You know, make Vader instead be the galaxy's most fearsome tickle monster or greatest stray dog rescuer.

Art by Wolfanita.

19 Mommy And Me

Via dekarogue.deviantart.com

Unless you count the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special (which I do not), we've only ever seen Princess Leia fighting. She fought against the Empire in the original trilogy and again in the new films when Disney rebranded the Empire as the First Order (same thing, new name). A princess just can't get a break.

So you know what I want to see? I want to see Leia when she's off the clock. When she's not the Chief of State or General or last remaining leader of the free galaxy. I want to see her when she's just Leia. I want to see her dropping Ben off at daycare, stopping by for coffee with Mon Mothma, and getting her nails done. Just an ordinary day off for one of the galaxy's more extraordinary ladies.

Art by Dekarogue.

18 Happily Ever After

Via pinterest.com

When Kanan and Hera finally confessed their love earlier this year, shippers the world over went wild. It's small wonder why, since the moment was four seasons of Star Wars Rebels in the making. Kanan and Hera's relationship was a good kind of slow burn. It was fun to watch them interact over time, supporting, teasing, and caring for each other, but never making it official. And finally, that kiss: the cherry on the top of what is one of my favorite on-screen romances of all time.

In fact, I'm just going to pretend the rest of Rebels after that kiss never even happened. Sound good?

This is the ending I like. This one right here. Because it's not actually an ending at all, but the start of something wonderful, and that's the best happily ever after there is.

17 Daddy's Little Girl

Via rebloggy.com

Okay, this fan art is a little out of date, but it's so flipping cute that I included it anyway. Before The Last Jedi ruined everything (at least we're 99% sure it did), speculations ran wild about who Rey's mysterious parents were. One of the most popular theories was that she was secretly Han's daughter, and that's the image we have here. I love to see this as the natural extension of Han's character arc throughout the original trilogy--from scoundrel to good guy to proud papa. Trying to style your little girl's hair is a classic fatherhood trial. Leia's obviously not home right now. Maybe he could call Chewie for tips? Actually here's a pro tip for all future fathers: As soon as you find out you're having a girl, start learning to braid. It will come in handy, I promise.

16 Double Trouble

Via renny08.deviantart.com

Although "Darth Vader as daddy" is my favorite fan art, Anakin as daddy is still great. This fan art conjures images of an alternate timeline of events--one in which Ani told Palpatine to stick his Dark Side where the sun don't shine and went on to live a long, happy life with Padme.

It's both easy and hilarious to picture Anakin as the classic, panicking new dad.

Sure, the Jedi teach calmness and control, but how many Jedi Masters have ever been tasked with putting two screaming babies to sleep? That might make even Yoda sweat a little. Perhaps Ani could use a little Force persuasion on them. "These are the cribs you've been looking for..." Though I doubt that would work on Luke and Leia. Sorry Anakin, you're just going to have to do it the traditional way.

Art by Renny08.

15 Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

Via renny08.deviantart.com

If you spent any time reading about the old EU, you know that Chewbacca had his own wife and son back on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk. But since Disney flushed all that down the toilet, I honestly don't know how Chewie's backstory stands now. Maybe we'll find out in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Until then, we'll just have to content ourselves with imagining Chewie as a beloved uncle to little Ben Solo. Considering that the Wookie was the longest relationship Han ever had, it's a safe bet that he was pretty much a constant presence in the Solo household. Who knows, he may have even just been their live-in babysitter. And I'll wager another thing: it's sound advice to "let the Wookie win," but I bet little Ben was the only one Chewie allowed to beat him at board games.

Art by Renny08.

14 Listening Skills

Via imgur.com

Since little Ani was more or less ripped from his mother's arms in The Phantom Menace and placed in the care of Obi-wan Kenobi, that basically makes Obi-wan his foster father. And considering that Ani goes from an angelic do-gooder to a moody, unhinged stalker in only one film, I must come to the conclusion that Obi-wan was a really lousy parent.

Maybe if he'd spent more time listening to Ani and less time thinking about growing a beard, the galaxy would've turned out a lot better.

Of course, this is just fan art, and we really don't know what went down during the ten years between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. But we do know that Ani turned out bad in the end. Really bad. Just ask the younglings.

13 Hugs And Kisses

Via inimeitiel.tumblr.com

I never get tired of these images. My three childhood heroes, happy for once. Here I imagine that Han and Uncle Luke gave Leia the day off and took baby Ben on a series of adventures in the Millennium Falcon. With the Empire defeated and the hyperdrive working (*fingers crossed*), there's nowhere they couldn't go. How about a quick stop at Hoth for a snowball fight? Then off to Kamino for a swim? Lunch would be on Tatooine (Dexter Jettster has the best bantha burgers in the galaxy). Next would be Takodano, so Han and Luke can visit with Maz while Ben naps. The last stop would be Malastare to watch a few podraces, and then it's just a quick zip back home. "What did you boys do today?" Leia asks upon returning. They all smile and answer, "Oh, nothing."

Art by Inimeitiel.

12 It's Good To Be Queen

Via aninhat-t.deviantart.com

Where do you suppose Leia's famous double bun hairstyle came from? Queen Amidala was known to wear an elaborate hairstyle or two herself. Perhaps in another reality, Anakin never turned to the Dark Side--or let's say he did, but Padme didn't pass away in childbirth. Instead, she survived to be strong for her children, to continue to lead the Rebellion, and to style young Leia's hair into her double buns.

I love imaging Padme making time during her busy day to spend with Leia.

I'm sure she did the same with Luke, but maybe in this scenario, little Luke is off with Uncle Obi-wan and Uncle Yoda learning to stack rocks with the Force. Later that evening, they'll sit down together for family dinner, the highlight of Padme's day. And she'll smile and wish Anakin was there.

Art by Aninhat-t.

11 Sith And Son

Via nautilusl2.deviantart.com

This image is so precious, it makes my heart hurt a little. I think it's the smile on Darth Vader's face, the same one we see at the end of Return of the Jedi when he casts away the Dark Side and is reconciled to Luke. So let's continue the scenario from the previous entry, where Anakin does join Emperor Palpatine but Padme survives childbirth.

What if Vader learned that his children were alive much sooner? Perhaps he would confront Palpatine to protect them, and the battle for the fate of the galaxy would've ended then and there. I can imagine him going to Padme, begging her forgiveness and asking to be part of the family again. Of course, it wouldn't happen overnight. But eventually, in this version of the story, Anakin would be able to take his kids to the park and watch over them with a smile.

Art by Nautilusl2.

10 Kylo's Kid

Via yennmisakato.deviantart.com

Can people find redemption? That seems to be the theme of the Star Wars films. You see it when you follow Anakin's arc from The Phantom Menace through Return of the Jedi. You see it again in The Last Jedi with Luke.

Since we are still waiting for Episode 9, we don't yet know how things will turn out for Kylo Ren, but just by looking at the pattern, I'm betting he finds redemption, as well.

I like this image because it's not dependent on the Reylo idea. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Reylo, but this leaves the imagination room to run. Kylo may go back to being Ben Skywalker, settle down with someone in a quiet corner of the galaxy, and end up being the kind of dad that would make his parents proud.

Art by Yennmisakato.

9 You're Kitten Me

Via maryluellyn.deviantart.com

I didn't know what to expect when I went to see Rogue One, but I was still surprised to find myself falling in love with a whole cast of awesome characters. And K2SO was by far my favorite. Snarky yet sweet, he was the Rogue One MVP, at least if you're asking me. In any case, I wish things had gone down differently on Scarif for everyone. Of course, the war against the Empire was just beginning, and they'd have all been swept up in it. But I like to think that Kaytoo would've had time for a few fun things, as well. Maybe he could even adopt a cat! I'm sure Cassian wouldn't mind. Don't you think he'd make just the cutest pet parent?

Art by Maryluellyn.

8 Twice As Nice

Via artbytravis.deviantart.com

In case you didn't know the name of the humanoid race with the two prehensile head tentacles that are running all around the Star Wars universe, I am here to help. They are twi'leks. They hail from the planet Ryloth, and you probably recognize them from Return of the Jedi (Jabba's right hand man was a twi'lek named Bib Fortuna, and let's not forget his unfortunate dancing girl) and from Star Wars Rebels (Hera Syndulla for pilot of the year, am I right?).

But here we have a beautiful twi'lek mother with her three daughters.

Unfortunately, twi'leks are often exploited as slaves around the galaxy, so it's nice to see happy family moments like this. The smile on the youngest one's face just makes my heart melt.

Art by ArtByTravis.

7 Family Day

Via sashazavisha.deviantart.com

This image is all the cuter precisely because it could not possibly happen (and no, I'm not talking in a "stormtroopers don't even exist" type of way). Based on what we know from Attack of the Clones, The Force Awakens, and other Star Wars entries, it's very apparent that the Empire isn't really into the whole family thing when it comes to stormtroopers. If they're not cloning them, then they're snatching babies from their parents to grow up in rigid stormtrooper society. I highly doubt they allow close relationships, especially of the romantic kind.

But let's pretend for a moment that things are different. Can you imagine "Bring Your Kid To Work Day" on the Death Star? Or what Empire daycares must look like? On the other hand, I have no trouble picturing what their school uniforms would be...

Art by Sashazavisha.

6 Rey Of Light

Via pinterest.com

Here's another fanart that is out of date considering what we (probably) know about Rey's parents from the big reveal in The Last Jedi, but I don't care. I'm going to use it anyway because the look on Rey's face is just so cute.

For a long time, people speculated that she was actually the daughter of Luke Skywalker, which would've made her cousin to Han and Leia's son, Ben.

I love seeing the papa side of Luke, but crucially what's missing from this picture is Rey's mother. Who is she? Since nothing about this is canon anyways, I'm going to speculate however I like. In the old EU, Luke did, in fact, have a wife and a son (who was named Ben, not coincidentally). I like that, so I'm going to go with it.

5 Yub Yub

Via leightonnoyes.blogspot.com

Despite being basically little teddy bears, the Ewoks were a huge help to the Rebellion during the Battle of Endor. But they also proved another key point, which is that the Empire is essentially incompetent. They bested their armed troops and AT-ST walkers with nothing more than sticks and rocks, so imagine what the rest of the galaxy could've accomplished if they'd stood up to the Empire a little sooner. But I digress.

And the Ewoks also knew how to throw one heck of a party, as we see at the end of Return of the Jedi. I imagine many such parties followed, and the legend of the Battle of Endor was passed down to each Ewok generation. "And if you're very good," they'll tell their children, "You'll get to wear the stormtrooper helmet."

Art by LeightonNoyes.

4 Chewbacca's Bunch

Via reddit.com

This fan art of Chewbacca and his family is not what you'd call canon, even in the old EU. But I can't get enough of it. I love all the little touches in this image, like how the middle child is trying to stand out by wearing a mohawk or how the youngest has dolled herself up with bows. I especially love the family photos: the wedding, Chewie and the Mrs. in front of the Eiffel Tower, a fishing trip, a day at the beach, etc.

But my favorite part, my absolute favorite part, is that they have a hairless cat.

I guess you can't blame them. Just look at all the hair in that image. They have enough shedding to deal with without adding a cat to the mix.

3 Junior Pilot

Via dorkly.com

I know I've already shown several images of Han as a parent on this list, but there are just so many good ones that I think you can stand another. And besides, they're more poignant than the others because of how we all know Han and Ben's relationship ends. But one thing has been bothering me: it would seem that Ben must've taken more after his mother since he went to Luke's Jedi Academy. But what if that's not the case? What if he desperately wanted to be a crack pilot and smuggler like his dad? What if he only went to the Jedi Academy in the first place because he was pressured to join the fledgling Jedi Order? These are big what-ifs! Kylo Ren comes across as a whiny brat because Disney hasn't done a very good job of explaining his backstory. I want to know what REALLY happened.

2 Reylo And Behold

Via luminous-leiaa.tumblr.com

Aw, is that not the cutest family portrait you've ever seen? I mean, just look at those porgs! Okay, okay, you know I'm kidding. Since The Last Jedi, Reylo shipping has reached a fever pitch. Plus you know it's serious when they have their own portmanteau. So just for fun, let's assume this is how it goes--that Kylo Ren is redeemed in Episode 9, and he and Rey get together. First I think Rey should spend some time traveling the galaxy. I mean, she just barely got off Jakku. No need to settle down right away.

Plus I think Kylo would have maybe one or two jail sentences to serve in the meantime, so there's no hurry.

But in the end, many years later, it's fun to think of their little family like this, helping baby porgs and other such adorable doings.

Art by Rachel X.

1 Family Matters

Via dekarogue.deviantart.com

It's no secret that fathers often dislike their daughter's boyfriends, so some of my favorite fan arts depict what it would be like if Darth Vader was a part of his grown children's lives. I love the awkward family dinners, the drama-filled holidays, and the tense family photos, like this one. But what I really want to see, more than anything, is another family photo that includes Han's parents. There's a good chance that they were decent, honest people, but what if maybe, just maybe, he learned his wit and smuggling skills from them? Just picture a showdown over Thanksgiving dinner between an old Sith Lord and two aging smugglers. So much shade. So much name calling. Where is that reality show? 13/10 would definitely watch.

Art by Dekarogue.

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